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  1. Hi tommy, has the head had any work done to it? Dean.
  2. hi guys, thank you all for your info, i have just read up on this cam, and it is not suitable for me, i am already running a kent FR32 with an adjustable pulley with 45's and a burton power moded dizzy kit on a 205 engine. i am only getting 119BHP @ 6500 RPM and around the same in tourque. i was told by the tuner that the next stage would be to tune the head and the next stage cam. can anyone point me in the right direction? thank you again. Dean.
  3. Hi i have just bid and won on a new Dave Walker Emerald Full Race Cam Phase 5 for a 2.0L pinto. does anyone have any info on this make and model of cam. any info will be good, Many thanks Dean.
  4. before you adjust the suspension, is there not a part of the metal panel that can be cut away from the UJ to stop it hitting?
  5. it could also be because the sierra did not origianally have a V8 under its bonnet, all that extra weight on the front of the vehicle will over load the standard braking system on the front axle. i would recommend that you should fit an upgraded brake kit, also a brake bias valve to stop the back brakes locking on before the fronts. take a look on here, www.rallydesign.co.uk hope this helps regards Dean.
  6. My advise would be, take your time with planing and building the kit. you will have good days and you will also have VERY bad days along the way. But dont give up. take pic of the build at differant stages. good luck. Dean.
  7. Hi james, and Welcome. driving this type of car is as much fun as you can have with your cloths on!
  8. I have 2.0 pinto with standard gearbox and diff from doner. i have done over 100mph with just a small fly screen and a pair of sunnys on. (With Flys in my teeth)
  9. Due to breaking my leg i can not drive my 2B untill December now. its like having your favourite sweets right infront of you and you cant have any! life is not very fare to me at the moment
  10. Hello graham, the flames are caused by over fueling or ignition timing, my 2b flames from exhaust but my engine is running 2x 45 webbers. a good tune up should sort things out for you. the clutch cable should self adjust, if not push the clutch pedal down then side step your foot off and let the pedal come up fast this will reset the adjuster, hope this helps you. Dean
  11. thanks guys. i will book something up, and will post up my dates, for if anyone anyone wants to join me.
  12. hi mark, it could be cam bearings? you will have to remove the head from the engine to remove the cam shaft, as it comes out towards the rear of the vehicle, the bearings should be pressed out, but if you dont have a press than you can use a soft drift and a hammer, puting them in can be done the same way. hope this helps you, Dean.
  13. A big thank you to andy at B&D engineering. newington Kent. (01795) 843980. for the set up of my twin webber 45's contact him for advise, tune up/ power run, Thanks again, Dean.
  14. Nice job, Well done. i love the style of wheels,
  15. Hi, does anyone have any track days booked at brands this summer? if so what dates and how much does it cost for a session? i would like to get one booked before the winter. Thanks Dean.
  16. HI, if you are planning on being hard on the engine and doing a few track days, i use valvoline racing VR1 20w50 mineral, thats my personal preferance,remember the oil is the engines blood the better the oil the longer the engine will last.
  17. Thanks guys, the flywheel has already been lightend, i had that done about 6 years ago when i 1st built the engine, new bolts from ford dealer, bolts fitted with extra amount of lock and seal. will re fitt engine to the car over the weekend, Dean.
  18. you could also try carb cleaner, or add a cleaner to the fuel tank and go for a drive, have you checked you ignition timing? Dean
  19. Thank you all for your advise, i removed the engine fri eve, lucky for me the bolts had only slightly become loose, no damage done to the crank or flywheel, All parts ordered from ford dealer, i have a few other little engine jobs to do, i' m going to remove the head for a little porting and polishing also going to up the size of my carbs, re wrap my exhaust headers, also got the gearbox output seal to replace, Thanks again Dean.
  20. after running in my 2.0l pinto, i gave it some stick and now my flywheel has become loose on the crank, it gave the same symptoms as a knock from the bottom end, after removing the sump, and replacing the big end bearings, i turned the engine over by hand, and it made a clunking noise, put my fingers into the bell housing and found that i can move the flywheel by hand, now im taking engine out to investigate the flywheel bolts, has anyone else had this problem and how was it cured? many thanks Dean.
  21. Deano 777


    Hi guys, i will be going on both days, as i live local, i am looking forward to meeting everyone. I will pray for good weather as it has been looking a little dull today (sat). Dean.
  22. Deano 777


    thanks again nigel, i have my car booked in on sat for a set up. it gives me something to work from. i will look for the topic on the rear wedges and have a read up. if anyone else would like to share there settings for a 2B i would be very grateful. Thank you all. Dean.
  23. Hi i still have this rack for sale if anyone is interested, i will be attending the kit car show at detling a good place to meet and collect, save money on postage.
  24. Deano 777


    Hi Nigel, i dont supose you know or where i can find out. the tyre pressures for my 2B, runing on 205/50/15 on the rears, and 195/50/15 on the front, also the toe in or out, and the cambre settings for the front wishbone kit, also has anyone been able to fit cambre bolts to the standard sierra rear axle set up to allow adjustment to the rear?? many thanks Dean.
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