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  1. how far you got on ya super spec

  2. hi matt try http://www.dampertech.co.uk/home.html speak to dave he knows his stuff

  3. hi ya i remember what you said now about the zeemer shocks b'ing so s### as mine just let go ! no harm done but just wondering where you got yours from plus how to atach lower front to arm?? mat

  4. you still building??

  5. good day out ,weather couldn't have been better. nice to meet up and have a blast to btn
  6. looking forward to the kit car show in detling not sure where to stow away all my camping gear though??

  7. i went for a pinto 1800 easy to maintain and parts are cheep since getting it on the road i went for the bike carb option as had some spare cash for once

  8. Yeah I agree on the strengthening. I'd built up the tunnel area before so it's been retrofitting strengthening. I've got a pinto 1.6 sitting in it at the moment, how about you?

  9. im in meadow rd worthing im hoping that i can meet up with a few that are heading down to brighton this sun if all goes well

  10. what engine you running?

  11. sounds like a case of six and 2 threes, the lightweight is pass able with iva but i kinda wish i did more of the (making it stronger part) at the begining of the build, especially with regards to the diff

  12. Hi Matt, progress is zero at the moment as I've moved to Brighton and the car is in a barn at my Dads house where he has more space. Tossing up whether to ditch it, or swap out for a spaceframe and use the parts I have already. The monocoque is basically complete, just (!) the rest to do now...

  13. Hi mate always out on runs your welcome to join in , have a look at southern kit car forum there is always a run or two on there , nice bunch no clicky people, what car you running ? im in findon where are you ?

  14. how far are you in your build ? im in worthing

  15. how for are you now in your build??

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