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  1. hows your build comming need a hand

  2. i have a 1.6 only done 44k !!! down south though
  3. any one have or know where to buy a cheap steering wheel boss ? it would be going on a '89 sierra steering col its for a momo/omp style wheel (6 bolts)
  4. lewis

    2.0l Blacktop/type 9

    Thanks I thought I'd do it how I wanted it from the start as it's def more work doing it After ! Thanks for the info Taff
  5. lewis

    2.0l Blacktop/type 9

    cool thanks stig! im having trouble locating the spares i require for the zetec/type 9 ie release bearing,spigot bearing,plate and cover ect are all these parts only avaliable from ford or am i just not looking in the right place? any links ect would be a big help to where people shop, many thanks,lewis.
  6. lewis

    1.6 Sierra Brakes

    where abouts are you matey? prob cost £20 to post them
  7. Hi all i was just wondering if anyone has a complete list in detail of all the bits required for a 2.0l blacktop type 9 install ie which alternator,starter,clutch, release bearing,flywheel ect to be fitted into a zero i have the engine with no parts on so need to know what to look out for,i tried a search but came up with nothing,prob just me any info for a newbie pls
  8. thanks for your help nigel .
  9. also would the sump ect be fine in a zero ? and also could you give me a rough weight(could it be lifted by hand)? sorry for all the questions
  10. its ashame you could not remove it from ebay as you have damaged it so no longer in as decribed condition, all those extra bits sound very helpful and i want to buy a engine where i know its sound and know at least a bit of its history and from someone who knows what he talking about.
  11. hi longboarder im interested in the 2.0l blacktop the £200 one lol would you deliver to the exeter area? many thanks i do not have a engine at mo so this would be my donor are all the required parts nuts,bolts brackets ect easy to obtain for the ancillaries? please reply, many thanks. lewis.
  12. lewis


    cool thanks for that,sounds not to shabby
  13. hi all im wanting to build a zero in the near future and as some of you might remember i have got my donor car not really started stripping it yet but have found out it has a 3.62 diff just wondering what kind of performance 0-60 top speed ect im looking to get from this diff/type 9 gearbox/ running tb's and either a 1.8l or 2.0l zetec?? also what would people say i look out for the 1.8l or the 2.0l?? where is the best place to pick one up from/do you rebuild or just chuck it in and sort any probs along the way? many thanks, lewis.
  14. + 1 its all part of the fun !!!!
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