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  1. Hi John Sorry to mess you around - I have messed up my weekends and Sue Wingrave is busy on that weekend - so she is backing out already - she claims to be gutted 'but quietly relieved'. I am still able to go though so please keep my name in. Many thanks Matt Wingrave
  2. Hi John. Glad to see this great event is on again this year, a firm favourite for the bristol massive. Can I put down myself, (with Sue Wingrave as second driver - she wants to see if she can beat me in my own car!) Rich Hanks, (Pete Spiller as second driver - Rich wants to see if he can beat Spiller in his own car)) Andy Roles (he wants to see if he can beat the Esso garage in his own car) and Barry Liles (he wants to see if he can get to the track in one piece) Many thanks Jon Matt Wingrave
  3. Hi John Ace Fetler, Andy, Baz, Pete and my family are all camping over this year Rich will give details I am sure Cheers Matt
  4. Hi John Thanks to Rich for adding my name to the list. I am always keen to get my name down for this very popular event. Sue had declined the 2nd driver opportunity, so please remove her name from the list and feel free to add Shaft as the new number 13 - I note he would particularly like that number. Many thanks for arranging the event once more - a firm favourite in my calendar. Cheers Matt Wingrave
  5. Hello John I had such a great time last year I'd love to do it all over again. I am part of the bristol massive and I kept all their numbers (17-22). Can I be number 18 again please. Really looking forward to it. Cheers Matt Wingrave YOUR IN
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