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  1. Hi, Use a Pela one on my boat engine, works perfect if you warm the oil first by running the engine. Dean
  2. I drilled the cycle wing bracket and riveted some diamond mesh about the width of the wing onto it. I then used Tiger Seal, making sure it came through the mesh and smoothed it off to ensure the mesh could not be seen. Twelve months onthey are both still rock solid. I just drilled three holes for the indicators, one for the wire and two pilot holes (just smaller than the screws) to attach them. Hope that helps, Dean
  3. Larson250

    38 In A 30 Zone

    Hey up Andi, They do the speed awareness course in our county, but I would expect that the "offer" of would be within the NIP. However they may send it once you have returned the relevant paperwork. Not a 100% sure. Dean
  4. Hi Femi, There is one relay in the bag with the loom however I can't see any socket to plug it into. (It's begining to remind me why I used the donor loom) In relation to fuses, there are six of them in a plastic holder with a clear case. HTH, Dean
  5. Thanks Stevey, That's what I was trying to do. Cheers, Dean
  6. Just put a few things on e bay if anyone is interested. I'm having a garage clearout. My link See other items Dean
  7. New price of £225 to get rid of. There is also a 1.8 zetec in the boot, Free
  8. All being well I will be at Stafford with the car on Sunday
  9. As the title says really. K reg Ford sierra Azure for sale. Complete car with 1600cc Pinto engine (currently removed and stripped down for rebuild)The rest of the car intact. Type 9 gearbox Would need a trailer to take away. £275.00
  10. Getting married Andi, I need the money towards the big day. I intend to build another at some stage though, I have the donor Sierra already. Are you going on Wednesday/ if so I will see you then. Dean
  11. NEW LOWER PRICE OF £6,250 ONO Priced to sell, agreed insurance value of £9,000 If I haven't sold it before Stafford Show I will try and get it there on the Sunday. Any questions please ask. Dean
  12. Well after much deliberation I have decided that the Zero has to be put up for sale. I bought the kit in October 08, and the build was completed in December 09 with the IVA test being passed on approximately the 11th December, 09. It then had a DVLA inspection on the 16th December, 09 and finally first registered on the 1st January, 2010. The engine, having been completely rebuilt is a standard bore and cam 2.0 L Pinto running bike carbs (ZX6R) through a type 9 gearbox. It has not been on a rolling road so I cannot quote BHP, but it would benefit from a session to fine tune the carbs
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