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  1. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    hope not, don't like noodles
  2. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    Gotta admit, I'm not a sauce man, bit of relish wins me over. Stopping at my brothers over night, he has a Philapino wife so I dread to think what food we will end up eating.
  3. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    Yes and... Ooh she's gonna get you
  4. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    Train booked, sneaking down in the dark hours, getting escorted from St pancreas station to a somewhere near the Tottenham ground for the night, then on to Romford, collect car, fill it up, Set the sat nav for Sheffield, press the loud peddle and hope the 550bhp 3 ton beast gets me north before I'm spotted
  5. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    Good Call! Taking Emma, that should be enough protection
  6. hands141

    Must Find My Passport

    Gotta dig the passport out, having a trip to collect the next posh motor for the garagefrom the place where they talk funny....... Romford Essex, im packing my survival pack ready for the train journey, a bottle of Hendersons relish, a pack of breadcakes, stab vest, flat cap and a Yorkshire to Essex translator. Wish me luck!!!
  7. hands141

    Garage/ Storage

    Sorry I haven't been back to earlier, my mate who is near you ain't got any space in his unit but he is going to ask a couple of others on his trading estate which is near you
  8. hands141

    Iva Pass

    I agree with Dave, excellent write up, a great run down of the test procedure. Well done on your pass.
  9. hands141

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    We will be there
  10. hands141

    Its Not A Rh But...

    We are here for any kit, welcome back, very nice looking car.
  11. hands141

    The Dream Begins

    Well done mate and thank you, still trying to get the bean counter to authorise a winny, not getting my hopes up.
  12. hands141

    Mhr Mr Chairman

    Thank you all, many beers will be had this weekend
  13. hands141

    Mhr Mr Chairman

    thank you all, had a fabulous day with my boys, out for breakfast, cinema then a chill out, shame im working tonight but more celebrating over the weekend
  14. hands141

    My New Ikea Exhaust Build

    Im impressed, its like scrap heap challenge but on a higher level
  15. hands141

    Coil Over Shocks Which Brands To Go For

    posts moved etc