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  1. Hello, eveyone I would be very grateful if any one is selling or knows of an indicator stalk with the unit for sale please. My car is an E reg so i am guessing this is an 86 which is the mark one. The unit is on the left of the steering wheel as you look at it with two connector points on the back. I will get a couple of pictures linked to my website. Many thanks Chris
  2. Ok mate,but wing not too far anyway. cheers Chris
  3. Ok mate,but wing not too far anyway. cheers Chris
  4. Thank you Zero race, Just noticed that you live in Aylesbury, would you be up for meeting up and exhanging notes some time. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi Guys, My speedo has never really worked well ever since i purchased the car. I have a smiths telematrix dials that connects or not to the cable that goes in to the side of the gearbox through a little panel. Am i correct in thinking that the wire inside spins and then a pulse is sent to the gauge. I would like to get this working as i am selling the car , then the new owner doesn't have to guess their speed when approaching speed cameras! Thank you Chris
  6. Hello Everyone, What has four wheels, costs a little over £ 4000 and is quick enough to keep an M3 driver looking in his mirrors? The answer is my Robin hood 2 B. After five years of ownership time has come to sell my hood. I have enjoyed scaring my friends and my self in the car but i just cant convince my wife to let me put the child seat in the back. The For Sale is my 2003 Hoody 2 B. Reg E41 FRA, Car was built by Richard Hall of Great British sports cars and is well known to club members, Emerald ECU M3 D with Jenvey Throttle Bodies. £ 2000 spent on engine rebuild, steering column support re engineered and much strengthened as i was intending to hill climb the car. Recent rolling road and print out 160 BHP. 11 Months Mot, 5 months Tax, Full wet weather gear but needs work on the passenger door. Mamba racing seats with harness, Smiths Telematrix dials, Heater works! £ 4300 O.N.O For Pics pls follow link to my Blog. http://blueribboncha...co.uk/page5.php Bad Bits, A mild dent on one of the stainless steel panels Speedo doesn't work but i am working on that Scuff on rear off side wheel arch, Fog light not working, Fuel gauge faulty but working on that. Only 1 windscreen wiper ( just like a mercedes ) but happy to source another one. Thank you Chris. Payment by Paypal, Electronic transfer and Credit Card possible.
  7. Hi Agent Zed, Thanks for the advice. My hunch is its Head gasket rather than valves but i shall have a look before i decide weather to replace the Engine. So if its valves then new head or Engine but HG can be replaced aslong as the head isn't pitted or cracked. I have my Haynes Manual for Focuses with Zetecs on order. Fingers crossed. Thanks chris
  8. Hi Nigel, I have done a compression test with a teaspoon of oil and the readings were the same under 7 and under 8 bar on cylinder 4 and 3. This could from what you are saying suggest bores and rings ok possibly leaving Head gasket. Would i be right in thinking that you would advice an Engine change any way rather than trying to take the head off. cheers chris
  9. Hi Nigel, Thanks that sounds like a good plan, i wasn't aware of the teaspoon spoon of oil trick to confirm bore or piston ring wear. Hopefully alot of the bits will go on to the new engine but as you say, you never know when the come in handy box will come in handy, even if it never will! cheers chris
  10. Hi Gents, Thanks for the input. I think by strip down i meant take head off. Do i need to do this to have a look at the state of the valves, pistons etc or as i think you are both saying just bin the engine and get another one. cheers chris
  11. Hi everyone. The cause of the rough running hood was due to low compression on the rear two cylinders. Looks like not even a Zetec is Chris proof. I am going to take the Cams and Head off and wondering if anybody has taken one apart before. Do the cams have to come off seperately from the head and does any one have some tips. Thanks Again Chris. ps My aim is to have this repaired before Stafford show.
  12. Hi Chris, Good to hear that the pride of TVH is up and running. Hopefully Spanky wasn't losing as much oil as BP. Cheers Chris
  13. Hi Guys, At last a result. The pressure on the rear two cylinders is reading 7 and 8 Bar and the front two are both reading 12 bar. I assuming that this cause is a head gasket unless rings or valves have gone on both? Looks like i will need to strip the engine and see what my untrained eyes can see. Yikes a bit daunting so would really really appreciate any help please if i start to struggle. Many Thanks Chris
  14. Hi Guys, Many thanks as always for your input. Andy i think the belt and cams are ok. With the first piston at TDC both cam shafts seemed at the same angle. I put a ruler across the top but back end of the cams and they seemed at the same angle ie Horizontal. In between decorating i will try and get to test the compression. Have a good Weekend. Cheers chris
  15. Hi Andy, Many thanks for doing a Hoodie visit and coming out of your way. The support has really picked me up on the Hood Mission. I sensed you are more frustrated than me.. sorry about that. i learnt so much about the car in the short period of time and really feel it was time well spent. I am looking forward to getting in running then up on to the Emerald Rollig Road for fine tuning. I am going to check the cam belt as you have advised and i feel quite confident about this one! cheers chris
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