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  1. this is a photo of my locost if it opens http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/ph...mp;id=526251382 no it wont open
  2. it looks like my old locost i had. very similar narrow body and all


    Oh Dear his first run out in the car before the Snow
  4. photos would be good mate, but looks like i need a few other things too if you read the above post's, cheers Dave
  5. Just ignore him now mate he is just trying to pull at your heart strings, i felt really guilty when i sold the punto but when i ignored the emails and letters they gave up knowing they had no legal way of making me pay for repairs that did not need repairing. and as far as you know he might have ragged the car around and broke the springs himself.
  6. Thanks Lads for all the advice, looks like being an expensive but worthwhile job. Now going to find a garage to help fit them. cheers Dave
  7. Thanks Dan, not being too mechanically minded and living in the back of dorset with not too many descent garages about what kind of bits and bobs do you mean? cheers Dave
  8. Hi, is it an easy ish job converting to bike carbs ? i am running a 2ltr pinto and wouldnt mind having a go at fitting them to mine. also is the manifold with the carbs? cheers Dave
  9. were abouts on the south coast ? its quite a big area mate, i live in swanage dorset and loads of good sites around here if that is any help. i can send you details, Dave
  10. had same problem with a punto i sold when they got it home 200 miles it seemed to have loads of problems it didnt have when they took it, the said they wanted money back and i said i would see them in court as it was sold as seen, a few letters later it has all gone away and so have they... your buyer doesnt have a leg to stand on so tell him to go forth and multiply. Dont loose any sleep over it..its his fault not yours
  11. Thanks for the info Tim, I will phone them tomorrow, never rains does it lol
  12. Does anyone have an idea on how i can repair the rear wheel arch on my Hood. I managed to hit a log on the london to brighton run and it loosened the front mudguard and shot into the back denting the stone chip guard and leaving me with a 4" crack in the fibre glass, I can get it repaired quite cheep but the garage doesnt know and neither do i what colour black it is (apprently there is five different black colours) so once i get the repair done i was going to fit a larger stone chip guard to cover it, the question is is it easy to make one out of alli or stainless sheet or can i buy larger ready made guards? Cheers Dave
  13. Hi Dan. When you decide to sell can you let me know and i might be interested in the pinto. cheers Dave
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