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  1. sritony


    Well i have decided to stay out the kit car world and go for MX5 mainly due to lack of funds but I am missing the excitment feel etc of a kit car Whats peoples experience of these? is there much noticable diff between the 1.6 and 1.8? Tony
  2. sritony

    Hello All

    Hello everybody and the NE lot Been a very long time since been on the forum due to me not owning a kit car anymore, I will miss it this year but I will be hitting some of the shows and i'll be out and about to Church Mouse monthly when I am not at college! Newark i'll prob go to and some of the local shows etc......I am gutted I don't have a car to tax this year would of been doing it now, won't miss the scraped knuckels etc but hey! Upgraded my normal car now that all money isn't going onto kit car, a Vrs Diesel Octavia, lovely car very fast! so even though won't be same I hope to be able to enjoy the summer in that! see ya Tony
  3. Hi All, Well the year's almost over, I owned my car for about a year but due to other issues (going back to study CISCO computer networking and lack of funds) my love/hate affair with my Hood came to a quick conclusion and it was sold a few months back. The first conclusion I came to from owning the car was what a great community and following that the Robin Hood owners Club have. I never thought there would be such a great amount of knowledge and a fantastic North East club, (unfortunitely the night falls on a college night so chances to attend will be limited to the summer once college finishes). I was always made to feel welcome, never intimidated and met some great people. I had people helping me on days off showing me all sorts of stuff. I went from being a complete novice to just a novice, by the end of the year I had changed some brakes, fuses, alternator and learnt the hard way what a high tensile bolt is! I even got a mention in Boys in the Hood proud moment I done almost 2000 miles in the 6 summer months, had 4 major break downs and a near miss with a sheep! I went on some fantastic roads, some great little run outs and even a weekend away to Smallways, and shows! I doubt this would have been replicated in anything but a Hood! I somehow managed to bore you all with 300+ posts, can't say I always got positive responses but that's to be expected! I loved the interaction with complete random people if you stopped by the shops etc, I loved the way the car made me feel, I was happy when I drove it, I was excited to get up in the morning if I knew I was going out in it. I went into owning a kit car a bit blinded by the above points but there were the negative points... I really found how much I hate working on cars. I didn't enjoy being covered in muck and taking a tool kit and overalls wherever I went. I also don't find a lot of the mechanical talk very exciting, it's just not me. I am more of a delicate hands on person hence why I love working with computers! As I often said, put a computer in front of me to build no problems, talk about DMZ, Router's, protocols would probably bore a lot of you! And the overall conclusion would I ever own a kit car again..........probably not. To own a kit car I really think you have to have the mechanical knowhow and desire to learn and since I neither have the money/tools/close hand support/space/time/knowledge I don't think I will ever dip into it again! IF I had a kit car that was factory built, parts off the shelf etc then yes I think I would go back into it but again who knows if that would ever happen. Merry Christmas everybody, I wish everybody a fantastic year ahead, and I hope to see some of you at the shows! Best of look working on your cars during the winter! Thank you Tony
  4. sritony

    Stafford Show

    Well since everyone is having their say I’ll come in and since I am a complete newbie in general terms only been member less than a year! I was someone who approached kit car ownership thinking it would be easy and trouble free I now know differently and that’s one reason it went, but the support I got has been good and I had to rely on it having no knowledge at all of cars. but I have had mixed experiences like any group I could go on about the negative aspects and experiences I have had (which there are a few) but that said the simple fact is in general terms my car would of been sold beginning of last year if it wasn't cuz of this forum and the North East club. I attended my first meeting and sat beside the NEseveners by mistake and not one person spoke to me for an hour I was about to walk out when Chris came up to me and introduced me to everyone in RHOcar and after a few days the electric problem was fixed and my car got fixed, My alternator dropped off in a car park and I had people under the car ETC I had offers of help when the alternator broke many thanks to Graham the first time it happened who came about a long way to help. I have had loads of help from other members over the months people giving up thier free time to come help me ranging from jacking suspension up, servicing etc big thanks to Arthur, Brian, John Richardson and Keith for putting up with me. I have met loads of people and gained alot of confidence just talking to random people about random stuff I have no idea what they are going on about half the time but hey I can nod well and look half intelligent. Everyone above and more from the North East in general have treat me very nice and welcomed me in to the group. I mean Grizzly travelled all the way up just to help with my car! I have done shows, track days, clocked up 1400 miles, and offers from everywhere to do this and that. I have some fantastic experiences to pictures, videos and next summer I will miss this greatly
  5. Well I’m robin hoodless now my car went last night, to someone from the Nottingham so if you see it give it a wave. I was having 2nd thoughts come 4pm last night after one last drive down the coast but then other factors played a key part Think it would of went a long time ago if it had not been for the help and support of this forum and esp the North East lot hopefully my Robin Vrs can fit in just as well haha. Had a very good summer done 1400 miles, was out in it most weekends done smallways, karting, track day, a show loads of stuff so it hasn't been a bad one, Cant say there wasn't lots of swearing and learning the hard way about engines and been stuck on top of a very windy rainy hill! And I have also came to hate high tensile bolts! I know more about that alternator than anything else; I also changed some brake pads, learnt how to service and jack the suspension up and fitted an alternator myself at one point! all of which I would have never done without this car I doubt I will be able to stay out of the kit car world for long but at moment I couldn't afford the luxury of a kit car! so who knows maybe next summer or at least a few years! Once I get my qualification and can afford another one. Unfortunately I start an adult learning course on Monday doing CISCO networking every Monday and Wednesday night for 2 years so I will try to get the meets in the holiday period! So once again thank you I think I have posted a boatload of rubbish over the past year, but now no kit car I can afford to come to Stafford show so I will be seeing you all then! Tony
  6. I know I do thats why it took about a week to make this decision! but theres so much to house that needs doing and the money I owe her mam for the car can be better spent and things we need to get done so sadly it has to make way it def won't be my last kit car
  7. Hello all, After much thinking and heartache I have decided to sell my Robin Hood, Check it out on e-bay its item number 290345664905 FOR SALE - ROBIN HOOD SUPERSPEC KIT CAR EXTRA’S THAT WERE PUT INTO THE BUILD ARE AS FOLLOWS: 2.0 litre injection twin cam engine 128bhp All new adjustable aluminium coilovers MT 75 gearbox Electric handbrake, push button Jag S Type Lowered sump with sump guard Alpine/infinity MP3 player set-up Forward tilting lift-off strengthened bonnet Sparco adjustable racing seats Cowled radiator Full wet weather gear Halogen headlamps Battery isolation switch GSXR mirrors Immobiliser push button starting After market rear lighting Full mini wiper system Powerful heater system Fully carpeted lockable boot Internal foot lighting Internal clad cockpit With a colour co-ordinated trailer! £5495 Thanks Tony
  8. I showed Arthur how to put some pics up so heres first lot! All looking at the camera as you can see, and am hiding somewhere so feel free to play wheres Tony Hopefully loads more pics to come, and next time would be nice to have same bhp karts
  9. Count me in for front and I think ross should maybe just have 3 wheels!!! Am in so much pain today feel like 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! had a very good time, wish I hadn't got the red mist and crashed and 3rd lap but hey i'll learn to bide my time next time
  10. I think I need to change the title to boating in the North East haha!! apparently in the wet its the heavier you are the better so am good
  11. I don't know who last 2 are but I have done it twice and first time I ran out of petrol and 2nd time I crashed so 3rd time lucky or I am being obtimistic and I will come last! Drink and food also sounds good to me ......... they are my two fav things and me and louise would be fine with that! Ross would go too
  12. Yeah I was going to head down about that time even though i'll be in the old tin top but weather isn't looking to good at the moment ! so gotta hope the weather man is wrong! Should be a good little session aiming to be in the top 15 haha
  13. Well thats it I was delaying bringin my hood home due to worry but today I thought it has to come back now or it never will so its sitting in the garage now new alarm is installed to cover and well its nice to have it home alot easier to work on and with over the winter etc!
  14. Ah same problem. when I am joining a road my words are normally "louise check round for me please" I find that the safest way
  15. All places now filled! Heres the list! Steve Knaggs Steve Cochrane Ross McAlpine Tony Scott Louise Benson Arthur Stringfellow Anthony Pinchen Chris Paddon Neil Stobbart Andy Starforth David Knaggs Ian Marr Debbie and Boyfriend Gary Brian Chris Harvery
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