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  1. have you overfilled the box
  2. Hi, shaft the judder is a loud banging and a shuder that feels like the back of the car is hoping up and down have tryed handbrake on slightly no difference thanks mac.
  3. Hi,tommy tit may the force be up you thanks mac
  4. Hi, longboarder clutch cable is fine and smooth thanks mac
  5. Hi, enforcer will let you know if i fix mine thanks ian mac
  6. Hi,gdc clutch is fine plate is smooth no judder on pedal thanks mac
  7. Hi, joel it sounds like you have hit it on the head spot on do you think it could be the rear sub frame bushes i put brand new G ,box mount on mine thanks mac.
  8. Hi ian there is no vibration at all on the clutch thanks ian mac
  9. After approx 1hr run car judders seems to be from rear as i let of the clutch in either first forward or reverse, i have renewed gearbox mount and have checked prop shaft bolts are tight once car is moving there is no judder through the gears, it feels to me like something lose at the back but i have checked everything has anyone had the same problem or can anyone help, the problem is intermittant. Thanks Ian Mac 2bplus.
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