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  1. Cheers Dan, I don't mind what time Sunday morning - can make it anytime between 9.30am to 12.00 noon. Any others also passing by on the M1 / M69 sunday morning that could join up with us? Duncan
  2. Hi - feeling a bit like "billy no mates", there seems to be a number of convoys sorted for Saturday or late on Sunday - is anyone going from or past junction 21 (M1) or around M69 on Sunday Morning. If so could I tag along please. Cheers Duncan
  3. Wouldn't mind a run out one Sunday morning - I haven't been out for ages due to working away and have had very hectic weekends doing family stuff over the last few weeks, so feeling a bit left out and keen to get some miles done, away from the "grind". Duncan
  4. duncjuno

    Remote Oil Filter

    Hi Yan As Redspec said, I also got a remote filter, and found that I only gained about 10mm extra clearance due to the pipe work needed to take the oil supply to the remote filter. So I abandoned the remote set up and I changed the Std Rover filter can for a much shorter one and gained a little over 25mm clearance - which is a lot better now. I also noticed that the romote filter and extra pipework took some while to charge to full oil presure, and I wasn't keen on this either. Duncan
  5. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Road stones had got into the cut up bell housing, a stone, about the size of a pea then got caught up on the flywheel, and mashed up the Crank Position Sensor. Hey presto, no signal to the ECU, therefore no spark, and no fuel injected. New one ordered £35.00. Not a sharpe image, but you get the idea
  6. Cheers Mark, I think I'll replace the rotor arm and dizzy cap for what they cost, and that will something else eliminated. This one has really got me baffled, and I keep hoping that it's not the MEMS ECU thats gone funny, but I'll double check everything else first. Duncan
  7. Here we go with another engine that has died and now won't start again. I have searched previous topics for ideas on things to check, and followed most of these up and now running out of idea's. I even noticed there was one fault thread with a mouse nest stuck in the exhaust, and it's definately not that. Rover 2.0lt DOHC, Rover Mems ECU. The car has been running great for months, lots of power and no misfires. I have fuel at the rail, fuel pump is priming, checked the main engine loom relays (ECU, Fuel Pump & Lamda - there okay) replaced the king lead and coil for new. Dissy cap and rotor look okay, no dampness or cracks that I can see anyway, but still no spark. The newish plugs look dry as well with a normal brownish colour (not black), which is a bit funny considering all the turning over its had. I had been out in the car this afternoon and run really well for about half an hour, eveything running normal, fuel in the tank etc, etc, then at low revs it just died and refused to start. Had to tow it home, and really stuck now where to go next. I haven't checked crank sensor yet, but will do, don't know how to test the Mems ECU. Any idea's what else to check, or if anyone with a SS / Rover engine set up, had similar problems and now fixed would be really appreciated. Many thanks, Duncan
  8. Hi Pete, I did the same as Bob and just replaced the steering wheel for a bigger Mountney as I couldn't get on with the 11" either, so managing to keep the orginal Mountney boss. I also noticed that if I had changed the Boss as well I would have had to do something about the column shroud as well, as many of the other aftermarket ones tend to be a much samller Boss than the Mountney. Duncan
  9. Hi Phil & Andi I shall be working away in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tuesday, Wednesday & back on Thursday, so sorry to say, that I'll miss this one. Duncan
  10. duncjuno


    I got mine made up including Lambda at Custom Chrome, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Did a really good job making up and fully fitted with new brackets etc. Did it while I had a coffee and breakfast around the courner, took about 2 hours. They will make to your specification, big or small and quite or loud. I would recommend them and you often see them advertised in the Kit Car mag's. Duncan
  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for the link to the old thread - very interesting and as always very helpful. Thanks for the swift response. Duncan
  12. duncjuno

    Engine Related

    Just a quick request for info, please. Has anyone with a Super Spec been brave enough to sort out the clutch carbuncle on the MT75 to Rover DOHC or to be more precise managed to quieten down the racket the release bearing makes. I can’t decide if it’s the mechanical mismatch which is causing/amplifying the noise, of if I have to think about changing the release bearing because it’s on the way out. I am more inclined to think the release lever and release bearing configuration is at fault here, but wondered if anyone else has done a bit more investigation and sorted a better marriage in the bell housing so to speak. I’m sure I also read somewhere that there is also a mismatch of manufacturers pressure plate and clutch plate something like Rover pressure plate and Ford clutch plate?, but I may have this wrong. Be interested to hear comments from anyone on this, as I have searched the topic on previous threads but can’t see if anyone has successfully changed the clutch configuration. Alternatively, if anyone has upgraded to hydraulic, something like was fitted on the Scorpio MT75 box or even invented a hydraulic pull/push slave cylinder on the release arm? Thanks, Duncan
  13. A few of us were talking on Sunday last about where we could go for another run out within a reasonable distance from the midlands area. Well just to offer a few suggestions, particularly when the weather is a bit better what about:- Bourton on the Water – Cotswolds Run out to the East Coast – Skegness or similar (you can’t beat a bag of chips on the sea front) Crick – Derbyshire (Tramway Museum), Matlock, Derbyshire Peak District Warwick & Stratford upon Avon (could also take in the Heritage Motor Centre @ Stratford) Beaulieu Palace & National Motor Museum – New Forest Hampshire (16th & 17th May - large auto jumble) Just a thought, Duncan
  14. This can be a bit of a personal thing really - I have been thinking about changing my seats as well. You could rushin and make the car look a right chav mobile. Why don't you try and get out and meet other members so you can see how the various type look in situ. I always think the Cobra ones look good and there are plenty of styles to choose from. I think I am going to wait a bit longer and see what is available at the various kit car shows. As you are new to the 2B I'd always vote for getting out and enjoy your driving. Welcome to RHOCAR Cheers Duncan
  15. Hi Phil, Just a quick note to say I am planning to meet you at the Mkt Harb' (A6) services in the morning - although if it rains I'll be in trouble as my soft top is in for repairs at the moment. Looking forward to meeting up and having a run down. Cheers, Duncan
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