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    2.0pinto,bike carbs,bestek ignition,piper270 cam,polished&ported head,lightened flywheel.

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  1. Anyone meeting up tomorrow morning.?
  2. evening all, I reckon it's me(obviously) currently chopping up a cement mixer barrel with a full load of very solid mortar in it.beat that if you can. Regards,jess.
  3. scrabster

    Cbr 900 Carbs

    I thought bestek had gone out of buisness.? When my bestek setup broke down ,I went to H&H ignitions who were spot on with help and advice.
  4. what stinks and has no teeth. The gearbox in the wife's car,
  5. scrabster


    Hi all, got a set of golf clubs taking up dust space in my shed, free to anyone who wants to pick them up, oh and there is a trolley as well. Regards, jess.
  6. once again Billy no mates was sat on his own supping a pint of bitter,wondering if he was first there or are they all seated at the tables tucking in to the meat n two veg, See you all next week.. Regards,jess.
  7. Hi rich, Add me to the list please. Regards,jess.
  8. When using your garden vac,make sure the zip on the collection bag is done up or you will never fill it, just leaves a confetti trail behind you!
  9. daughter bought me a r/c helicopter with camera last christmas,had it on film smashing into the wifes favourite glass christmas candles,thank god for superglue, copters in its box somewhere.
  10. hi, as a bit of a guide im putting my zero up for sale soon and i would be looking for around the £6K mark and i may throw in the trailer as well for the track days if i get the right amount of cash. regards,jess.
  11. the police have the cctv footage, we were not allowed to have it by asda, looks like the insurance want £80 to retrieve the evidence to continue,now waiting for insurance to call back which should have been today. regards,jess.
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