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  1. Anyone meeting up tomorrow morning.?
  2. evening all, I reckon it's me(obviously) currently chopping up a cement mixer barrel with a full load of very solid mortar in it.beat that if you can. Regards,jess.
  3. scrabster

    Cbr 900 Carbs

    I thought bestek had gone out of buisness.? When my bestek setup broke down ,I went to H&H ignitions who were spot on with help and advice.
  4. what stinks and has no teeth. The gearbox in the wife's car,
  5. scrabster


    Hi all, got a set of golf clubs taking up dust space in my shed, free to anyone who wants to pick them up, oh and there is a trolley as well. Regards, jess.
  6. once again Billy no mates was sat on his own supping a pint of bitter,wondering if he was first there or are they all seated at the tables tucking in to the meat n two veg, See you all next week.. Regards,jess.
  7. Hi rich, Add me to the list please. Regards,jess.
  8. When using your garden vac,make sure the zip on the collection bag is done up or you will never fill it, just leaves a confetti trail behind you!
  9. daughter bought me a r/c helicopter with camera last christmas,had it on film smashing into the wifes favourite glass christmas candles,thank god for superglue, copters in its box somewhere.
  10. hi, as a bit of a guide im putting my zero up for sale soon and i would be looking for around the £6K mark and i may throw in the trailer as well for the track days if i get the right amount of cash. regards,jess.
  11. the police have the cctv footage, we were not allowed to have it by asda, looks like the insurance want £80 to retrieve the evidence to continue,now waiting for insurance to call back which should have been today. regards,jess.
  12. hi all, just an update of situation,got fed up of waiting for police and informed insurance to go ahead with the claim,car is now repaired to a cost of ..........£1,100.. .our excess was £250. parts purchased were £80,diagnostic check £75, paint and consumables £240 the rest must be labour. police have yet to have a reply of the scumbag and have sent him a recorded letter, insurance say we may have to pay £80 to retrieve the information from the police to pressure his insurance company to pay out.why does everything get complicated when its plain to see he is said scumbag and should pay.im determined to see this through rather than just settle with having the car repaired for £250 and insurance coughing up the rest.rant over. regards,jess.
  13. its a 58 plate mazda2 with only 15 thousand miles on it, it was mint until this happened.
  14. evening all, on the 4th of august the missus was at work(nights at asda) when she finished and walking back to her car she looked and said ,dont remember parking it at that angle, looked at the back and found a great big dent in the o/s/r bumper and side panel.the impact had shoved the car a couple of feet.went back to store to check if that part of car park is covered by cctv(it should be thats her reason for parking there) and hope its switched on and yahooo it is.told to phone back later as security will play it back. they have the offender on camera reversing at speed and shunting her pride and joy just short of hitting the car parked next to hers.the culprit shoots away to other side of car park,stops and turns lights off and gets out to asses the damage to his car,turning his lights off made his number clear as day so the security have burnt a disc for the police who have been informed and crime number obtained,now the best bit,she asked security last night if police have collected the disc,no..........contacted police and asked why no collection,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we have to give them 28 days to get the disc. as far as im concerned,they have all the evidence they need to apprehend the git and make his insurance cough up ,presuming its insured, the police want him for leaving the scene and not reporting accident or such, i can see this being long and drawn out.next thing is to get a quote for the repairs. rant over for now,relaxing on hols next week so they probably will try to contact us then. regards,jess.
  15. old chinese proverb.........man who walk through turnstile sideways...........going to bangkok.
  16. hi, mij made my new silencer and fitted it with a new bend to fit existing collector ,its a bit quieter than the standard gbs one but with a load more candy floss stuff in it, i wanted a re-packable one but they recon it will last as long as the silencer.hth. regards.jess.
  17. steve , if youre going in the rain then i will be there for sure. jess.
  18. hi, if memory serves me correct, they are vw beetle, some on e-bay. hth. regards,jess.
  19. john, sorry but im going to have to pull out for this year due to work commitments and holiday timing, regards,jess.
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