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  1. I take it your only doing the diff casing? Make sure you seal the Diff up, But I would strip it right back 1st. You will never get the bead blast out if it gets in the Diff carrier and bearings, its a no go. Regards Peter
  2. So whats upset you with the slideing pillar set up then. Cheers Peter.
  3. Dave, Thanks for the meet today and showing me around your many projects, Regards Peter.
  4. Ian thanks for the photos, may just get stuck in. Cheers Peter
  5. Dave, Can mail me your addy and number, it would be good to see yours. Peter.
  6. Simon, Can you mail me your number and addy, I will call round this weekend with my car just taxed it, you can mail me at peter@noblet.co.uk Cheers Peter
  7. Cheers to you so far, I am a member of the club and will be at the next meet, as for taking on this sort of mod is no problem just looking at any pit falls before I start but this wont happen untill the winter months. Cheers Peter.
  8. When you did change from pillar tp wish bones and you got the kit did it come with measurements or drawing also did you use the old hubs and any other bit. Is there any down falls along the way Regards Peter.
  9. Hello all,, I am thinking about converting from sliding pillar suspension to wish bones as you can now buy a wish bone kit, so has anyone done this yet? Cheers Peter
  10. I have been to the Northwest meet just before I got the car, so I will be at the nothwest meet in april. Peter
  11. Hello all, Just got my 2B thought the mot so tax it for the 1st of April then out and about at last. Peter
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