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  1. Stevefoz

    Newcastle Under Lyme August Bank Holiday

    Hi James, not sure how free I'll be on the Monday but I'll make it down there if I can. Steve
  2. Stevefoz

    Staffs Meet 2Nd July 2018

    Sorry guys but I can't make this one - I've got to work a late shift on Monday. Steve
  3. Stevefoz

    Staffordshire Meetings

    See you there Andi - if I can get the 2B sorted I'll come in it, which should ensure that it chucks it down with rain! I am open to bribes to leave it in the garage !!!
  4. Stevefoz

    Staffordshire Meetings

    Put me down for it, I'd certainly be interested, or a different day if it suits anyone better. Steve
  5. Stevefoz

    Engine Hoist

    Clarke CFC500F 500kg folding hoist. (See Machine Mart product No. 020110095). Yours for £70. Very handy piece of kit when you need one - trouble is I've had it for 4 or 5 years and only needed it about 4 times, and I could do with getting the garage space back. It's in pretty good nick and you're welcome to come over and have a look at it if you're interested. Needless to say I can't post it but it will fit in the back of a large hatchback or small van. Steve
  6. Stevefoz

    Tatton Park

    I'd certainly be interested in going, but I can only make the Sunday. Thanks, Steve.
  7. Stevefoz

    Tatton Park Passion For Power August 20Th - 21St 2016

    Hi Steve, Can you put me down for Sunday only please - Steve Foster, Robin Hood 2B, F543GNT. Thanks, Foz
  8. Stevefoz

    Tatton Classic Car Show 4-5 June 2016

    Just received my ticket - ta very much, see you there.
  9. Stevefoz

    Tatton Classic Car Show 4-5 June 2016

    Hi Mark, Can you put me down for the Sunday please ? F543 GNT Thanks, Steve
  10. Stevefoz

    We Buy Any Car

    I was offerd £125 for a Toyota Supra on WBAC - sold it privately for £1200 when I'd stopped laughing, later tried a Nissan Primera on there for another laugh and was offered £300 - sold it to a local garage for £1500 cash. Need I say more ?
  11. Stevefoz

    Tatton Park Classic Car Show 2015

    Thanks for organising it Steve & sorry I couldn't make it - I've spent the weekend trying to sort out fuelling problems. Sort of got it running yesterday afternoon but still not right. I think my pressure regulator is playing up. Hopefully I can get it sorted for August !!
  12. Stevefoz

    Tatton Park August Classic Car Show

    Hi Steve, Can you put me down for the Sunday please - F543GNT Thanks, Steve
  13. Stevefoz

    Tatton Park Classic Car Show 2015

    Hi Steve, Put me down for the Sunday please, I can't make the Saturday. 2B - F543GNT Thanks, Steve
  14. Stevefoz

    Tatton Car Show Part 2 16Th 17Th August

    Hi Jase Sunday only for me please F543GNT Thanks, Steve Foster
  15. Stevefoz

    Windscreen Glass Safety

    I made a cardboard template and had a piece of laminated glass cut at a local glass company. The first one was just cut with sharp edges and I cracked that as I fitted it !!! For the second attempt I got them to sand the edges - not as good a finish as polishing but it takes all the sharp bits off. My screen's a couple of inches taller than the standard 2B and it's been in for a couple of years now with no problems. I took the template in one day & picked up the glass the next - they charged £50 all in, for the glass and sanding the edges.