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  1. If the cars were mixed up together did you have to pay to enter. Pleased I spent time repairing the van by the sound of it
  2. Thinking about it in the morning
  3. Sailing and design at its best gob smacking
  4. Dipping is good fun but before you go spending big money have you tried doing it on a small scale To get consistent results you need the right stuff. Temp timing materials .oh and techniques are critical. I am sure there is good business to be had just don't jump at it. Quite big in the states lots of info Yes it can be done in a bucket or big plastic tank
  5. Looked at this and lasers from that company but the wording is engraving more than any thing else. Not allowed to pick up and pay them made me suspicious and the delivery costs not real for the UK address Make your own mind up I may be wrong
  6. It's been new to long Newness required Needs a tin of newness
  7. First guess rear wheel alignment check with tracking gauge readings will be in reverse. The same reason you are using camber wedges the toe in or out is altered because you are at the extreme of the Sierra rear set up. Wait for it
  8. I built mine from a kit very pleased with it as said very smooth proved reliable over 2 year's so far except dodgy second hand crank sensor. Highly recommended. Webber tps not cheap from experience if map then will have to be well damped with the Webber
  9. Gauge faulty or pressure relief valve sticking as quick guess Possible air leak on oil pick up pipe
  10. Donuts on the old tyres then I have a set of tyres to trash just need somewhere sensible to do it
  11. The cosworth long one seams to be favourite as it goes around the manifold rather than through the middle
  12. woolly


    Plug leads moved about Are you using the bike carb choke should be Don't think it can loose the map but should still run at 10 deg limp mode
  13. Could be handy to know the voltage at the starter whilst cranking and the battery volts
  14. pleased your well enough to get in the garage again. no2 does look too clean is the spark plug tip rusty
  15. Seam to remember the repair kit for that type of servo had the front seal and i think a air filter and that was it.
  16. woolly

    New Tax & Sun =

    went for a mot today only to find out i dont need one till april so a little tidy up and a shortish run out
  17. in cheek if you wotate wak it go wong way you turn left it goes wight
  18. Technically it would work but if mounted well on the carbs I think would be better and less likely to go out of adjustment
  19. many thanks for your time, just cant' find the right info at the mo. chris
  20. Any info please on the diff shim setting for a ib5 gear Box
  21. Agree with Nigel probably the spray bar. Years ago fitted a new cam kit to customers car fine around town blew the oil out at steady high speed. Fitted the old bar back and all was well with the world. Some rocker covers have a oil defection plate under the filler
  22. woolly

    New Clocks

    just been trying to help a guy and found out he make clocks etc. have't seen them mentioned before so have a look chris http://www.caigauge.com/
  23. don't think you can do the nose cone with out joins or over stretching the material, there will be at least one join at the middle under side. down side of yellow is its not 100% opaque and will be tinted by the strong blue especially when stretched. some wrap vinyls have a gray glue to help eliminate this, when we have a spare nose cone may give it a go. also has to be very top end vinyl as else it will pull at the edges very quickly thats if you got to conform in the first place.
  24. woolly

    Cup Of Tea

    suppose i asked for that thanks bob 1 idea
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