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  1. I have just striped a ford sierra all parts for sale including book and tags
  2. Hi Andy did you get a pump sorted ? if not i have a couple here you could try Andy
  3. Hi can you send me your contact details Cheers Andy
  4. keep your chin up you will get there wont we
  5. Hi do you still have the Chassis Cheers Andy
  6. Hi it sounds to me that your problem is with your wire feed speed if this is wrong you will get burn back if your wire feed is to slow
  7. Hi im looking for a type nine v6 gearbox can anyone help Cheers
  8. Hi Dean i have a complete wiper set up all you need is wiper arms yours for £20 Cheers Andy
  9. andy farrow

    Rear Arches

    Hi all im looking for a pair of rear arches for a 2b
  10. has not set their status

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