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  1. The Notts meet, as usually printed in the Hoodie mag, (which you can have by carrie or download/email: technical for me) is on the first sunday in the month at the Rolls Royce Social club, Watnall North Notts Sue
  2. Tim and I won't be there this year......the first time we've missed Stoneleigh in nearly about 10 yers We will be spending the time with the kids celebrating 20 years of marriage hope you all have a fabulous time....we will SUE
  3. Little Bob was with us for quite a while. We bought him from the chap in Lincoln that built him, (he died a year or two later). Tim put in the mini engine, the wheels came from brother in law's mini, Tim and John painted him cadbury purple and John's wife did the surrey style roof and back window. We changed the seats and added funky purple edged mats etc. Tim will post some pics of him before he left us, when he gets home at the weekend. I stopped driving him as much because my hours went up at work, so he hardly did any miles the last 3 years we had him. He was always fab fun and ran rea
  4. Thanks guys and girls Tim is home for two and a half weeks Had a great day and looking forward to a good Christmas and 2011 love Sue
  5. Merry and happy stuff from the Norman's too...... Lots of you sent us cards which we haven't reciprocated cos we don't have all your addresses any more.... with the data base gone I have no written copy.... Sorry!Love and fun to one and all Sue and Tim Alice, Emily and Thomas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Thanks chaps, please keep them coming Sue x
  7. Hello Guys, Back in April I agreed to put together a photo album of Hoody's days out. Unfortunately I have only received pics from the first three trips out, up to and including the airfield just outside Stoneleigh. I have no pics of him at Stoneleigh show, or any other show, none of the trip to London, Le Mans or any other event he has been at!!! I am happy to put the album together but PLEASE send me some pics, with the names of who are in them and where they are!!!! I will find the time to do this but will find it difficult trawling sites for pics
  8. Strangely, my better half has failed to mention his putting a slight hole in a fuel pipe and trying to flood the garage with petrol... he did find fuel cans quickly....many thanks Ian for tidying up and so helping this aversion of puddles. SUE
  9. Fab weekend guys, thanks for your company and chat. The brewery tour....and obligatroy beer was good and we were very lucky with the weather, only the odd spot of wet stuff. Tan Hill was very busy but just as excentric and fun as always. Thanks must go to Ian for finding the longest way to drive from Patley Bridge to Tan Hill and managing to squeeze passed a coach and delivery lorry on roads no wider that our cars!! See you there next year SUE
  10. Little Bob is a gorgeous fabulous car and your wife will love him. Purple may be an acquired tatse but it beats yellow. Let her know that the boot may be small but there is loads of space for shopping bags!!! SUE
  11. The Norman's will be there and should be camping Sat night Looking forward to seeing all and having a chat SUE
  12. When working at pizza hut we used baby oil and elbow grease to remove all scratches from the stainless surfaces......not sure it will help, but it did the job then SUE
  13. I could do with a few too please sueenornam@hotmail.co.uk then I can keep Hoody's album up to date!! SUE
  14. Don't forget to take some pics guys. If you e mail them to me I can try to get them printed and in the album for tomorrow. Please and a quick who what where when to the pics cos I'm rubbish at remembering names and faces and places!!! Started the album this week, just need Tim to sort me a new colour cartridge and I will be able to bring some pics and captions to the show tomorrow SUE
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