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  1. Thanks Mike i can't believe it tapped the top of the carb with a hammer (gently) and thought it will never run properley, well started it up and all is well fired up on all 4 cylinders took the car for a spin and it was fine, thanks Mike.
  2. Hi i have a problem with my 2b with 2.o pinto last time i drove it things were fine went to start it a week or so later and it wouldn't start i checked for a spark which seemed ok reset the points, checked to make sure fuel was getting to the carbs (webber twin 40s) plenty of fuel. eventuallly the car fired up but badly.one of the leads looked damaged so I've changed the plugs and leads but still ran badly its only firing on pots 3 & 4 so i assume it must be the carb for pot 1 & 2 i don't know a thing about these carbs. i undid the butterfly screw on the top and unscrewed the 4 jets they all looked clean and clear not sure what else to do any help would be great this is all a big learning curve. Thanks Barry
  3. I will try and make it, hope the weather is good
  4. I hope to be there, i will give the kebab a miss. Barry
  5. Barryking


    I hope the chap who has driven to Italy in his kit car replies to this he went through the Gotthard tunnel its the third longest road tunnel in the world, he made it and i am sure he didn't hold his breath. i used to drive coaches through there and none of the kids could hold their breath the entire length of the tunnel.
  6. I'll try and make it be nice to have a run out and meet some new faces
  7. Nice to meet you all hopefully i will be there in the robin hood next month, no baby yet.
  8. Barryking

    Sump Too Low

    I am new to the site and kit cars to this was my first problem if you ring Richard down at great british sports cars at boughton near newark they will sort you out they have just made one for me last week you would proberly need to take your old sump and pick up as exchange.
  9. I would love to come over and meet everbody but wife is due to give birth tomorrow so will have to wait and see. Barry in Donny
  10. Thanks for all the replies, but i have another question, is it possible to remove the sump from a pinto without lifting the engine, it looks very close to the chassis cross member, sorry but i am new to this kit car game
  11. Hi all i'm Barry just purchased my first kit car Robin hood 2b with 2.o pinto, a complete newbie is there anybody near doncaster. My first problem is to change the sump its too low any tips thanks.
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