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  1. shorty

    N E Runout

    Hi me and Alantoon are going for a runout on sunday if you would like to join us you would be most welcome.We are leaving from Cramlington shops outside Halfords at 10 O'clock post code NE23 6YD.Probably doing about 100 miles hope to see you there Artie
  2. shorty

    Sticky Nipples

    Hi put some old cloth something like a hanky over the nipple then put the greasgun on works for me. Artie
  3. shorty

    Steering Lock

    I have got my steering lock working the toothed segment was partially jammed freed it off and booked my MOT for this week.Thanks for all the advice. Artie
  4. shorty

    Camber Wedges Fitted

    Hi don't see how that will make it ride higher.Probably be OK when it settles. Artie
  5. shorty

    Corbridge Classic Car Show Sunday 7Th July Ne45 5Ay

    Great show John many thanks.Fabulous weather and 4 club members that's not too bad and 600 classic cars. Artie
  6. shorty

    Steering Lock

    Hi The steering lock on 2B will not work with the changes in the MOT test will this be a failure.The donor car is a 1982 Sierra how will I find the parts for one of them?I will need to take it apart to find the problem but trying to get bits might be tricky.Hope someone can help. Artie
  7. shorty

    Rich Carbs Advice

    Yes Svsdino they do have idle mixture screws in to weaken an they should be approx 2.5 to 3.5 turns out. At 40 to 45 mph it is mainly down to needle position the idle mixture will not be having a great effect. Artie
  8. shorty

    Rich Carbs Advice

    Hi I also have a 2.0 pinto on ZX6R carbs but not set up on a rolling road.Worth trying hotter plugs but I would have expected it to run right after a rolling road set up.I lifted the needles up on my carbs one notch and it also started to choke the engine it is now running the same as it was when it was on a Kawasaki.Have you had the plugs out to have a look at the colour I think this the best indication on mixture.By the way I am running on standard main jets IE not drilled out. But as I said try changing the plugs as the mixture should be OK after being on a rollng road Artie
  9. shorty

    Kielder Run Out

    Yes Steve I will be at the mouse on Wednesday.Might even go in the hood. see you there Artie
  10. shorty

    Kielder Run Out

    Hi as discussed at the last meeting I am organising a run out to Kielder reservoir this Sunday April the 28. I intend to leave from Cramlington shops at 10.30 (outside Macdonalds) Then meeting up at Brockbushe farmshop at 11.00.This is the junction of the A69 and A68 at Corbridge. I have checked on the petrol stations the one at Corbridge is open also the one at Chollerford there is also an unmanned one in Kielder village (card only). I will also be taken a full can of petrol.I will be at the meeting this Wednesday hope to see you there. Artie
  11. shorty

    N E Runs And Shows

    Hi Chris I havn't been to the metro centre car meet but I know plenty who have must make a point of going will try to make the next one. Artie
  12. shorty

    N E Runs And Shows

    Hi Phil yes I have the bike carbs fitted really enjoyed making the manifold stuck in the garage with my files and hacksaw great.It is running really well been playing around with the needle position and I am happy where its at now. IE where it was when it was on a kawasaki!!!.Left the mainjets as standard as they are 155 and157.5 wich is almost the same as what people have been drilling them out to. Hope to see you on some of the runs. Artie
  13. shorty

    N E Runs And Shows

    Hi Luke hope to see you somtime this year.Well I am very pleased with the response sounds like we might have a good year.Paul I might join you for the trackday but I need to get the car on a rolling road first. Artie
  14. shorty

    N E Runs And Shows

    Hi yes I will be going to the meeting next week.See you there. Artie
  15. shorty

    N E Runs And Shows

    Hi Iam trying to organise some runs out this year.This is what I had in mind. April 28? kielder I will be away all of May and June perhaps someone can organise a few runs July 21 Jim Clark memorial room in Duns August 11 Bowes museum Barnard castle Sept 15 Holy Island or Seahouses Any other ideas?As Steve says lets use these great cars. Also here is a list of some of the car shows in our area. May 19 Wallington hall June 16 Raby castle July 7 Corbridge July 14 woodhorn Ashington August 3/4 Croft Nostalgia weekend August 18 Raby castle Sept 8 Belsay Sept 29 Beamish Look forward to seeing you Artie