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  1. Sorry, just got it running today! Its a 1.8 blacktop with omex 600 ecu.... Only ran it for about 1 second. Going to plumb up the cooling now
  2. Hi Guys, For once i've finally made some progress and i've wired up the engine loom into place temporarily. Fuel lines all in with fuel etc... Got it turning over pretty easy and was very happy at this moment. Then the fuel pump started making funny noises. Figured it must be not getting fuel. This continued for a bit after trying to lower the fuel pump. Then i unplugged the fuel line going into the engine and found out the hard way that fuel was getting there fine. Covered in petrol at this point. And since it won't start but the fuel pump noises have gone away a bit. My TPS isn't connected and i thought it would be fine without but obviously not.... Neither is air or water temps. Not connected because they need a few adaptions. Just about to post some pictures but i have 2 plugs for the throttle which dont go together. Is this the reason it isn't starting or something else? Once i get it running, i haven't plumbed in radiator or fan yet (next few days job) so can't run it for long but just wanted to hear the thing Thanks in Advance Ed
  3. eddie99

    Cheap New Zetec

    i will check this afternoon who i got my 1.8 engine from. Was £550
  4. John, Yep i know what you mean, i've done a few prototypes to make sure i put the computer in the perfect position... Thanks Ed
  5. Glad you like it mate, Car is getting closer but ever so slowly. Still no IVA Will you be at detling? Hope to see you there mate!
  6. All the driving instrument are behind steering wheel in little computer.
  7. The centre section is going to be machined from the cad in 3 sections out of solid blocks. The plain dash with curve will be flexiply with a carbon fibre formica for the moment to see how it all works. Thanks for kind comments Ed
  8. Sorry forgot to say, the 7 circles are warning lights, the box is for a little performance gadget. Pocket and hole for gearstick you can see and the 3 holes in pocket are cigarette lighter and 2 light switches Thanks Ed
  9. Hi Guys, I've been working on my dash for a little while now, Just about getting to working drawings and final design so whats your thoughts? Much Appreciated Ed
  10. Thanks for all your comments... I have now returned from holiday so back online more often We sell virtually all the wires needed in our kit, except some big wires with are optionally extras, but we also include a few different types of diagrams to make it as easy as possible for you to install the kit. We also supply a fusebox and relay holders... I am still ironing out some details and i have no pictures to show you at the moment but as soon as i do, i will post them on here. Am currently looking at different solutions for fuse boxes and relay parts and ordering various parts from different companies to compare. Also still finishing all the diagrams, hopefully within the next week. The diagrams will be completed. Have edited the first post, our kit has slightly changed: Our sections are slightly different now: Front - Engine/Lights mainly Rear - Lights, Fuel, Handbrake mostly Instruments Section Fusebox/Relay Section As we have realised its easier to understand this way Gavin - Will have to look into R1 Engine Wiring but i am certain its possible... Look forward to any more suggestions Thanks SuperLooms
  11. Thanks for your kind words John, My communication will definitely be better Thanks Ed
  12. Fellow Rhocar members, The purpose of this post is to see whether any of you will be interested in a DIY wiring loom kit. I am looking at starting doing this part time.... The kit will include: Front Wiring section Rear Wiring Section Instrument Wiring Section Fusebox/Relay Wiring section depending on engine choice Crimp Spades Relay holders The sections will be overcut so you can trim the cable down to your individual needs. The fitting will be very simple, breaking out the required wires from the loom at a convenient point and connecting to that piece of equipment. Price for a kit will be £90 but the first five will be £80 As individual sections: Front - £30 Rear - £30 Instruments - £20 Fusebox/Relay - £30 If any queries please either PM me or email eddie@superlooms.co.uk Thanks Superlooms
  13. Thanks Guys, Sorry havent been on here for a few days, been checking LCB Yeah, its deffinately a little hint to get my kitcar on the road now, atleast insurance will be a bit cheaper because i would have had a few months experience Puma's very cool and really nice to drive as well... Main advantage offcourse is now i can take my own car with a bigger tent hahaha Thanks Again Ed
  14. Pictures look good, hope you all had a great time!!!!!
  15. Do we know dates yet for 2010??? Providing i havent had a massive crisis, i should be on the road and up for this trip next summer.. Am guessing its around 1st or 2nd weekend in July as normal??? Thanks Ed
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