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  1. AndyJones

    Congrats To Chippy!

    Congrats mate, and to the family.
  2. AndyJones

    Top-man For All Tuning/rolling-road/ All Carbs & Repairs.

    rolling road/ dyno is about £50 + parts if needed, but you will have to check with him first as things can change, cheers Andy
  3. AndyJones

    Top-man For All Tuning/rolling-road/ All Carbs & Repairs.

    do they hert? cus mine do. just chuffed to find a guy, that does what it says on the tin, and thought to pass on the info.
  4. Well i was put in touch with a chap called paul from Courtney Racing Developments, for setting up my 2B, and all i can say is, HE MUST BE ONE OF THE BEST OUT THERE, So if any one is in need of help, ie carbs, carb rebuild/refurb, rolling road sestion, engine rebuilds, welding, tig, then he is your man. Based in CHELL, STOKE ON TRENT. Contact paul on 07798567963 Courtney Racing Developments
  5. AndyJones

    Spare Wheel Carrier

    quote name='jimmylegs' date='Jan 9 2010, 01:46 PM' post='193966'] Hi guys, Can't make my mind up if i like the spare wheel and carrier on the back of my 2b, and to be honest it would give me that bit of extra space in my tiny garage if it was cut off, I don't carry a spare in my other car just a foot pump and a can of tyre weld. So whats your oppinions? and also any pics with and without would be good.. Jim.. Hi, ive chopped mine off, but still with a view of it slugging back in place, by welding 2 pieces of box section in the open ends of the wheel carrier. This will then, let me slide it back in place, and 2 bolts through to hold in place, if i ever go on a long run and if i ever finish my build. I have also attached a back plate with 2 wheel nuts welded on to the bracket, and then attach the bracket to the rear of the chassis. from top to bottom Then i have 2 holes in the body hidden under the number plate for 2 extended wheel bolts to go throught to secure the wheel to the car restting in the wheel carrier at the same time. The number plate light is in a place so the wheel will no clash with it when on. The electrics will be detachble to suit either wheel on or off by a small plug, and so on. here are a few pics if helps Andy
  6. AndyJones

    R1 Carb Balancing Help Req'd

    Cheers for the help guys, Ive had a play today, and balanced them the best i can, and seems to have worked, until i get it on a rolling road, but now behaves a lot better, as number 1 was way out. Just a quick tip for any one doing the same. Its well worth drilling 3 access holes in the filter backing plate, each in-line with were you would be using your screw driver to ajust the throttle screws on each carb. As this will make it a lot easier for future ajustment, saves taking off all 16 screws just to get at the 3 ajuster screws[/size]
  7. AndyJones

    R1 Carb Balancing Help Req'd

    Great stuff, i will have ago, and let you know, how it works out, Cheers Andy
  8. AndyJones

    R1 Carb Balancing Help Req'd

    cheers for that, i will have a go tomorrow, but i wonder which one is the master?
  9. AndyJones

    R1 Carb Balancing Help Req'd

    Hi can any one help,? as i am trying to balance my r1 carbs strapped to my 2 ltr pinto, just to get my 2b roughley set up before sending it out on a rolling road set up. I have bought a Gunson carb balancer to help me, but still not sure what setting i should be aiming for on the read-out, ( 1,2,3,4,5)? and where the ajustment screws are on the carbs. Has any one had a go before with this tool? cheers Andy.
  10. AndyJones

    Dashboard Padding

    Cheers for that, I think i am going down the camping mat behind the vynle route, cheers
  11. AndyJones

    Dashboard Padding

    Hi can any one help? I am working on my dash, and was wondering, if I need to put padding under the vynle for the IVA, and if so how thick should it be????, cheers
  12. AndyJones

    Dash Board Vinyl

    hi try this number, 01782 542 486, Milton hoses in stoke on trent. They carry everthing, silcon, carpet every colour VINYL, everthing you need to complete your build, and so helpful. they stood at the exeter show. They have helped me along the way and prices are very good too, hope they might help, sorry i don't have there web address or mail. If you call them, they will point you in the correct direction, cheers Andy.
  13. AndyJones

    New Drive Shaft Nuts, Where From?

    Hi nick, if you give Ford a call thay will order you a set, should cost about £7 ish, they sorted me out with a pr a few months ago. Andy
  14. AndyJones

    Shortened Sump Want

    hi got one too if any good with pick up pipe to suit at £90 + postage , its the one advertised on joe browns web site by a guy who does the conversion. Bought this about 3 month ago so as good as new, with engine only run a few time to test, but now upgraded my engine to a 2ltr which has come with a shortend sump to suit so one got to go.
  15. Thanks chris, I didn't know they supplied the carbon style, so will give them a call first thing on monday, to see if they can help me, cheers