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  1. Cheers for the replies and ideas. Thats the best thing about this site,someone has always come across and overcome the problems you come up against.
  2. Is it possible to fit a taller windscreen to a S7? The reason I ask is that I'm just about to fit new seats and even without seat runners, when fitted my eyeline is just at the top of the windscreen. The seats are from GBS and I would like to fit seat runners preferably which will raise the seat by about 20mm I'm told. Has anyone come across this problem?
  3. Can anyone recommend someone who can set my bike carbs up who is close to Stafford? Have just bolted them on and started all right but getting a bit of spitting back and lumpy idling when cold. Mark
  4. Markeoz

    Bike Carbs

    I,ve fitted new bike carbs from GBS to my 2.0l pinto and also fitted a fuel regulator set to 2psi. I've just bolted them straight on and started her up and noticed a vast improvement from my pierburg 2E3!! I want to get them set up correctly so can anyone recommend someone local to the stafford area?
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