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  1. jayg


    I have an unfinished 2B if interested?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes I have two rachet crimping tools of high quality- one is brand new. Both give perfect connections on the red and blue connectors which is why I'm wondering about the quality of the crimps themselves. SInce I needed the connectors on the day I had no choice but to use B&Q (98p for 10) does anyone have any bad experience with b&q crimps? Jay
  3. I'm after some advice on how to connect up my vicky Green loom to the Ford wires on the ignition switch. I have successfully crimped other wires using either red or blue butt connectors but not heavy gauge wires. I tried yellow butt connectors for the ignition wiring but I am unable to get a "good" connection- the crimp comes off the wire when I pull it. Should I try another supplier of crimps? Should I go down the soldered joint path? Thanks Jay
  4. jayg


    Hi, I'd like to know the legalities, both for road use and IVA test, about not fitting the windscreen to the car. I'm building a 2B and Richard advises not to fit the windscreen for SVA but is this still an option for IVA? Is it OK to leave it off the car if the driver and passenger are to wear crash helmets?? Jay.
  5. Hi. Once the dash is on I'll be ready to fix the bonnet in position. My question is does the edge of the bonnet in the cockpit area need a 19 mm radius too?
  6. Hi everyone, Ready now to fix the dash panel but not too sure which way to approach it! In the video "tricky" says "you may have to trim it to fit" I'm wondering if I need to fix it in place and trim all round so that the edges are level with the chassis tubes at the dash top and just hammer the edges over or plenish the whole panel round the top tube and sides and rivet in place. Once this has been done, does the bonnet sit directly on top of the dash or should I position the pivot bolts to allow a little gap between the bonnet and the dash top/ top tube? HELP!!!!!! Jay
  7. jayg

    Chassis Plate

    Congratulations, What happened about the Chassis number and plate/ stamp?
  8. jayg

    New Coilovers

    Thanks, I was going to replace the springs as well because I'm not too sure of the quality. If I'm fitting decent shocks they may as well have decent springs or am I wasting money?
  9. jayg

    New Coilovers

    Hi, Still plodding on with the build from 2002!!! I fitted the coilovers supplied by RHE about 4 years ago and the chassis has been stood since. I've now found that the rear shocks are leaking so I am planning on replacing all four. What is the recommended replacement for the 2B? I've had a quick look at GAZ but I don't have a clue what to order. Can anyone shed any light on lbs etc. Cheers Jay.
  10. Just had a quick look at the Haynes and at the car and the starter circuit (pos 3 on ignition switch) is a straight feed from 12v batt live to starter motor. Am I being completely stupid here for worrying or am I missing something obvious? I assumed the starter switch replaced ignition switch position 3 but in order to to this I'll be supplying the main ignition feed to a 6 Amp switch. Is there another way of wiring it up?
  11. Thanks for that- worrying about nothing then!! Does anyone know if IVA has anything against starter switches.
  12. Hi all, After finally getting the engine running (6 years after removing it from the donor) I ordered some savage switches, one of which is a starter button. The terminals are TINY and are rated at 6amps. My question is how do I wire the thing up to start the car- the engine cranking current will destroy a 6 amp spade won't it? I guess I'll have to use a relay??? but which one and how do I wire it? I know it would be easier to use the key but as my 2B is standard I wanted something a bit "trick"!!! Cheers Jay.
  13. jayg

    Wireing Woes

    Finally got round to connecting everything up- white to coil +ve and white/black to -ve from rev counter. Turned the ignition key and after turning the dizzy 1/4 turn got the engine to fire. What a feeling!!!! Thanks everyone.
  14. jayg

    Wireing Woes

    Thanks Nigel. I've got the ESC2 ignition module.
  15. jayg

    Wireing Woes

    Hi Nigel, Thanks, yeah I have the said pages stuck in the Haynes manual with the Ford schematics. I try connecting to the coil and hope for the best. Cheers Jay
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