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  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173210091482 This is the second time I have seen this kit car listed, everytime I see it I just think why? What on earth would possess some one to put the time and money into something like this!
  2. Just to clarify I bolted the swirl pot to the hanger with lengths of studbar and springs to let it sit flush on the bottom of the tank, so the height of the unit can be set up to suit your tank
  3. If the foam fails I recently upgraded the marlin fuel pump set up with great success, I scrapped the external swirl pot and low pressure pump for an in tank swirlpot and fuel pump with the total cost of the parts being just under £100. Just bolts into the tank and off you go The top mount plate is from an mx5, plastic swirl pot is from a old rover V8. Fuel pump is a Kemso and was £30 Ive done around 100 miles now with no fuel starvation or running issues.
  4. Thanks for the heads up
  5. I bought it over 6 months ago and has also been through a house move so I cant guarantee I have not lost bits from it or something has come dislodged in transport ! And also dont have a receipt, I got it cheap so Im not fussed on getting into an argument. Just looking for a battery I can stick in its place that wont mind being turned 90 degrees from normal! Perhaps this Bosch one is a better choice? https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/bosh-s4001.html
  6. I have had the battery for 4 years in various states pf charge and it eventually wouldnt hold a charge for long... also it never had much reserve power with the ignition on, so I wanted to go back to a big standard car battery I believe its the orientation of the battery which is causing the issue so should I go for a sealed type maintenance free 063 battery?
  7. As part of my winter upgrades I swapped out the pc680 battery for a standard 063 battery from the local auto store, Ive done a few trips in the car since swapping to the new battery but today I noticed some fluid around the battery ( which happens to be next to the header tank) thinking it might be coolant I did the taste test with a small bit on my finger and found it to be battery acid!! Not nice Anyway I pulled the battery out and found fluid has been escaping from a vent hole at the top of the battery The first pic shows the leaking vent hole, second the amount of fluid I have lost, and 3rd shows some kind of rubber cap fitted in the same hole on the opposite side of the battery https://s5.postimg.org/aapl3y8pj/3_AE1_F3_AF-6_EE5-43_C1-_B05_D-_FE84_FE7_A5790.jpg https://s5.postimg.org/7gmfqilyv/B6_F1_B4_AA-682_D-43_B0-9_CD4-_D6_A86_FF4_C76_B.jpg https://s5.postimg.org/wzes3ixt3/D11_CCF72-_D93_D-48_FC-_B274-4_C5_AC63_A8_C35.jpg Have I lost a rubber cap from the leaking side or something? The battery is fitted with the leaking vent hole looking towards the front of the car so 90 degrees from normal Is there a sealed type battery I could fit in this ones place to avoid this happening again? Also what should I use to clean up the corrosive acid from the chassis?
  8. mcramsay

    Pinto Efi Idle

    Have you checked all the vacuum hoses and inlet manifold gaskets? Sounds like an air leak.
  9. I didnt think of that, but sounds like a more workable idea...possibly a combination of ducting cold air up from under the car and through the side panel as well...
  10. The main issue is the flexible rubber boot that mounts to the air box is more line a rounded rectangle shape, so it cannot be rotated in any direction, either the round intake points to the front or to the back. I dont want to start redesigning the stock airbox as it is a complete work of art... even if it is absolutely massive. The air temp sensor lives in the main air box and gives a reading of around 65, which I know is more to do with under bonnet temps as well as sucking hot air from the engine to aid the heating up. Looks like there is no easy way forward!!
  11. I cant move the filter forward as it hits up against the oil cooler pipwork which pretty much blocks all access, I cant go over the top of the engine as there is like 10mm between the bonnet and the top of the engine... I could possibly follow the firewall down and have some type of air box in the free space between the sump and side rail of the chassis.
  12. Part of my winter upgrades is to fix the air inlet pipe work on the Marlin. Again its down to the age old problem through out this build of not having enough room to fit things in. This is my current set up: https://s5.postimg.org/kvxdhmkl3/1_F06_F0_AA-5168-4695-_AD02-5_C8233713351.jpg https://s5.postimg.org/llg5u0npj/548_A09_F8-_D0_BE-4_D06-_A189-5748_DB84_EBDB.jpg https://s5.postimg.org/mnqccjr3b/5_E7318_E0-52_B7-4_E74-_A675-2757316_BBFF2.jpg https://s5.postimg.org/84j7b55o7/727880_D7-7_A09-4_B27-_BA0_D-6_E1_EC0_C77_C6_C.jpg A few things first the rubber boot on the air box should be facing towards the front of the car, however its on an angle and poked out the side of the car so I had to turn it 180 degrees so it points back towards the firewall. As you can see the air filter is crammed between the side panel of the car ( currently not fitted but does have louvres cut in) and the engine at the other side... its pretty much hard up against the block. The under bonnet temps are around 60 degrees and I know I will be losing a lot of performance because of the restrictions around the air filter and temperatures. Part of the problem is I need to have enough straight pipe work to fit the MAF. This cannot be deleted easily. What options have I got to try and pull in cold air rather than hot engine bay air? I was thinking of having an air filter set up mounted to the side panel but I cant really find what I am looking for.... Any suggestions beside cutting holes in the side panel and adding an air scoop I really dont think that would suit the look of the car.
  13. No offence but I dont think any of them really fit the car. By the time you buy the wrap do the prep etc I would pay the £80 for two new wings and keep one as a spare.
  14. Pull the impeller off the mech pump and bolt it back in place. That way the belt run stays the same etc.
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