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  1. bob13


    Grim, I to will be staying at the pub near the airport to Sunday night with my mate. So if you see my purple robin and my mates Westfield come say hi. I will be the tall one in shorts and a aussie hat on !! Cheers Rob...
  2. There is a couple of use traveling up Sunday back Monday, will be meeting up in the Newport area. See you up there Neil Cheers Rob.
  3. If you are tall make sure you can fit into a kit comfortably.I am 6'2 and went the for a 2B because I could fit into it, but as you will find every car will be different in there own way...So I would try before you buy even if you are short.
  4. Some old robin hood bits for sale, the story on the ads is worth a read. Think there may be more stuff to come. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/slowzim/m.html?item=121288173838&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c3d56a90e&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. Well I have finished my dash refit. Replaced the sierra clocks, well almost, not totally redundant. Still a little tidying up here and there to do, so still have an excuse to go into the garage. Here's to a good summer.. original Mk2 Latest
  6. I know mine works!! Did a spirited junction start, a little sideways should we say. When everything had finished going sideways the car just stopped dead. There's me thinking I have killed my car, tried to start it, nothing. Then i thought the inertia switch, my little tool box in the boot had hit it, and killed the engine. So I went from O dear tow home time to thank god just push the button!
  7. bob13

    Garage Clearance

    Hi I would be interested in the shocks, but would need them posted if that is possible. Cheers bob.
  8. http://www.cyriak.co.uk/lhc/lhc-webcams.html Interesting to watch them at work.
  9. When I renewed mine last year it came through with zero no claims I was expecting at least one. When I asked the guy he said that since I have a day to day car, and that the kit is not day to day they give full discount. that was with sureterm. I think most insurance companies now a day take company cars into account. I know they did when I had a company van.
  10. Hi again We are meeting up off the Cardiff gate junction (junction 30 i think the one where you can c the Merc and Audi garages) at Asdas for 07.30 on Sunday. There is a petrol station there for you to fill up. If you don't know where the Asdas is, get off m4 j30 and head for Cardiff not the services, at the next roundabout turn right. Asdas is at the top on the right. At the moment there is just two cars, but all welcome. If we don't meet up for the trip have a safe one.
  11. Hi Wayne Always happy to talk cars, I will be camping with the south Wales kit car club lot. You are more than welcome to pop over for a chat. I will make a note of your number and give you a text. Let's all prey for good weather as I may go off camping! Take care and have a safe trip.
  12. Let's hope the weather is dry!
  13. Hi all Anyone from South Wales going to stoneleigh ? I am going Sunday morning was hopping for Saturday but best laid plans and all that. But am camping. I know Neilpritch is going but on Saturday, so anyone else? I am meeting with a few of the local kit boys on Sunday for a little convoy up. So if anyone wants to join us let me know. Will know times etc Tuesday. Cheers bob.
  14. bob13


    Mine passed today too, role on the summer !!
  15. Looking good, time to put some miles on it!
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