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  1. thanks for the reply mate . i have built 20+ cars in my time from the shell up but ive never build a kit car so i thought i would give it a go lol i havent got a buget for it as it will cost what it costs . i did look at the base kit but i thought if i get the plus kit it might save money in the long run for other things on the car . im going to the show on may the 3rd and i will have a good look there and try and get some more info cheers paul
  2. i want to build a zero kit car and it will be my first kit that i have built . i need some hep on deciding on what kit to buy . i want the car to be road legal and ok for track days too . they do a base kit for £1795 + vat and a race kit for the same price then they have an offer on a base kit plus gaz shocks and fuel tant for £2468 inc vat or a plus kit for £3250 plus vat . now what would you recomend for me to get , is it worth paying the extra for the plus kit if it will save some money in the long run . thanks for any help
  3. P4UL

    My Zero Pinto Turbo

    saw you out playing with your car again today , i would have stopped but i was in a rush .
  4. P4UL

    My Zero Pinto Turbo

    cheers , ive just got to sell my track car first then i can get one lol
  5. P4UL

    My Zero Pinto Turbo

    hello tim im rich's mate , your car looked great tonight when i saw it , i think im going to have to get one now as i wont be on my own round here with a zero .
  6. P4UL


    thanks for that info , i think i will go on the 3rd as im doing a track day on the 4th at silverstone
  7. P4UL


    im new lol i dont have a kit car but i have always wanted to build one . i saw a picture of a zero kit car and i think its time i built one . before i go out and buy one to build i have got a few questions with the zero kit i cant find any infomation that tell you exactly what you get in the kit or what other parts are needed for you to build the kit , does anybody know where i can find this info out . thank you for any help . paul
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