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  1. Hi try this link covers all the areas that i think you should need, very interesting. http://www.number69.net/stylus/zetec_resources.htm
  2. Well worth a look then! The other option would be the Silvia 1800 turbo lump, again using the complete set-up, may also be an easier install being an older style engine with less electronics.
  3. Hey guys, just thinking 'like we all do' and came up with several new engine transplants one of which could be the Nissan 200SX RWD engine and box. Possibly the turbo unit 200bhp + from std. Now also very affordable being £500 - 1000 Has anyone used this engine previously, or had any thoughts towards this. Already set-up for RWD with loads of power must be a bonus eh! Not sure of the weight though, but gotta be worth a try?
  4. I guess that ure probably right, has anybody any ideas for cortina senders?
  5. Hi there, no thers no ptfe tape, senders are on tapered thread so seal all ok.
  6. Hi there just wandering if anyone can shed any light on this one for me, as im now unsure! My S7 is fitted with the origional Cortina Mk4/5 instrument binicle, i am having trouble getting the Temp and fuel gauges to give any reading. I know that they work cos when i ground the fuel sender wire and temp sender wire the gauges move accross the full scale. I have fitted a new fuel sender from Kit Parts Direct, and changed the temp sender from a working sierra but still no readings Did the Cortina use senders with differing resistance readings? i would of guessed that they would be
  7. Thanks for that seems the quickest simple fix, ive currently got 205/40/17's which look the dogs, so prob have to drop down to the std ford rims.
  8. It would now seem that way, i will post some pics of the final mods in case anybody else comes up against this, it will obviously be a certain requirement for IVA.
  9. I take your comments on board, and this has happened to me, but hey, chin up its a good ole challange and we will all get there in the end. (thats what kit cars are all about) My first battle was getting my application accepted by vosa, usual thing tried to reject first application as i applied 5 days before the cut off deadline! Now ill just have to do the bits that they want for SVA pass, not too bad realy, bit of yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. But thanks for everyones advice.
  10. Thats what i thought, but he did not like the fact that the outer edges of the floors what would normally be the sills on a car, did not have a box section construction, so guess i will have to get some steelbox in there some how. Also failed cos all the small nuts & bolts that hold the chassis togeather did not have lock nuts or lock washers on them.
  11. Its a standard S7 zinguard steel body, also i think that it confused him as his first comments was 'Oh its not regular construction' I will have to talk to my superior!
  12. Well i can re-test at another station but southampton is my closest living near to Portsmouth, so guess ill have to get some box section in there somewhere. It was the lightweights that first caused concern with VOSA, i think they are now as cautions with the steel models.
  13. It was at the Southampton station, he did not like the monocoque idea, prob only used to testing tubular frames. I think everything i have done waqs all ok, i just think that he had a bee in his bonnet about people rushing a car through SVA regs to avoild IVA Also failed cos my speedo read 70 when the car was actually doing 71!! any ideas please.
  14. Hi there, i have just recieved my failure docs from our friends at VOSA, my S7 has failed because there is no sign of any chassis members on the monoque shell. They were happy with the seat belt mountings but now want box section steel welded from the front suspension to the rear suspension, creating a so called chassis! Has anyone else come accross this? if so how did you overcome this please Luckily i managed to get my car tested last Thursday, so now have 6 months under SVA regs for re-tests However all the guy kept telling me is that loads would fail under the new IVA. Just as
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