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  1. As mentioned you can get a kit to rebuild your barrell (I had to do it on an Orion). The lock is made up of discs inside and the number of your key, (usually on a little plastic tab got when the car is new......guess its a long shot you still having that !!), relates to these discs. I used to work at fords and there were fellas there who could tell you the number of a key just by looking at it so the ford dealer may be able to do the same.
  2. I bought a "New series 3A" back in 1998 and they can and have passed the SVA, the SVA was just coming into operation at the time, I think. Mine isn't finished yet for various reasons but should be ready for next summer so they better be able to pass it or I'm in trouble ! I've got all the original videos, leaflets and booklets that came with the kit including stuff about the SVA if you want a copy give me a shout and I'll sort it out for you.
  3. Rich


    Can someone just confirm this for me please engines aren't my strong point and I'm learning as I go.... FUEL PIPE 2.1 ltr pinto Twin Webber carbs Does it go from the sender to the fuel pump, (is the bottom the inlet? should I fit a filter if so any recommendations?), then from the pump to a "T" on the first carb and then straight on to the elbow on the second carb, should any particular carb be fed first. Am I right in thinking I don't need a return and can just fit some pipe to the return nozzle on the sender and use it as a vent. On the fuel filler there is an elbow with a piece of pipe on it......can this just be blanked off? Water Hoses Top of Rad to thermostat housing, bottom of rad to water pump, this leaves me with a small outlet on the thermostat housing ....... what goes here,(expansion tank ??) ? Also an outlet on the water pump, does this go to the heater and the return from the heater to the inlet manifold, if I don't connect the heater can I go straight from the water pump to the inlet manifold?.......or have I got this wrong......its about 6 years since I started building this and my memories fading a bit......well you can't rush theses things can you ! Cheers anyway, keep up the good work this site/community has been invaluable
  4. Rich


    Cheers fellas, As luck would have it the link on the page that Nigels "link" shows would be ideal, my carbs were supplied with a variety of possible links.......but not that one !, I do have the "floating pin and paw" but the slot that locates onto the throttle spindle is 90 degrees out to the one in the pic and so it either points up or down, the link that I have to go with it requires it to be pointing down, which there isn't enough room to do....I can see a way of modifying it, but, this would then mean that the throttle cable would have to attach to the outside of one of the carbs not in the center of the two ..... can this cause problems ?
  5. Rich


    Hello Folks, I have just received a very expensive jigsaw consisting of a pair of 45 weber carbs, a short manifold, a bag of bits to link the carbs together, 2 different types of mounting plates and some mounting washers and grommets. I'm a little out of my depth so can someone please confirm my thoughts or point me in the right direction.........a pic of an existing set up would be really helpfull...... Firstly I think I am going to have to modify the mechanism that links the throttles of each carb together as there is not enough clearance room with the short manifold to fit the linkage I have been supplied with...it needs room below it and there isn't any...not too much of a problem....or am I missing something ? I think, I have been sent 2 kinds of mounting plates.......the first is sort of a slim metal gasket with a fixed O ring to seal between the carbs and the manifold, the second type is plastic, (about 5mm thick), with 2 O rings, one either side, to seal between the carbs and manifold, is there any advantage or disadvantage of either type or should I just use the metal ones as they take up less room !.......or do they each have there own seperate use?? next the mounting washers and grommets, (they look like small bobbins).......there are 16 cup washers and 8 grommets using my great mathermatical skills I guess that I sit each grommet inside 2 washers......do theses then go over the studs on the manifold and then I bolt everything down........the the washers/grommets allowing for any movement/vibrations when the engine is running I'm sure there will be other questions from me on these but thanks for now anyway
  6. Can anyone offer any advice on fuel pumps please. The engine I have fitted is a modified pinto, 2.1L, stage 3 head, fast road/race cam, lightened and balanced etc, I'm waiting for a pair 45 webber carbs to arrive and was just wondering about the fuel pump, I suspect I'm going to have to up grade from the standard pump on the pinto engine or will it surrfice ? If I do need to upgrade can anyone recommened any particular make or model. Are there any sites / books I can look at to find out what to do with all the gubbins (for want of a better word) that were connected to the original carb/manifold......things like the vaccume advance on the dizzi and the pipe that goes to the servo....etc Anything else I need to consider upgrading/changing ? Thanks again folks Rich
  7. Rich


    Brownie POINTS.......wash your mouth out......don't you mean Brownie 2.5mm radius .....
  8. I know the seatbelt bolts have to be High Tensile, but what rating needs to be on the head I'm not sure what denotes High Tensile, ie is 8.8 correct or should it be higher ? Thanks in advance Rich
  9. Thanks Graham, I didn't realise you'd asked the same question........I'll make a note to check other posts more carefully in future........I'll get the hang of this message bored thing yet......if I'm not sat here answering my own questions I'm duplicating other peoples and having to type messages twice because I click on the wrong thing.........right best go and tuck those pesky spare wires out of sight.
  10. Ok I'll actually post this ......and not just press post preview !...oops I am having trouble identifying a couple of wires on my electronic ignition unit. Holding the unit with the writing the right way up and facing me so far I have...... Green...............-ve on coil Black................+ve on coil (via a supressor) Black / Green...???????? Green / Yellow.. Plug on distributor Black / Red........Plug on Dis. Brown...............?????....possibly earth ??? Also on the distributor plug .....Although there are only 2 wires going to it from the EIU there is a third black wire at the moment just dangling where if anywhere does this go ??? Thanks in Advance.
  11. Rich

    Wiper Mechanism

    There is a place in Warrington called M&M's (Metro and Mini Spares), They wiil be able to supply a mini wiper system they had plenty in stock a couple of weeks ago, also I spotted about 10 mini heater units. Paying cash and haggling keeps the price down . I'll try and dig out an address and phone number if anyone wants it.
  12. Just when you thought it was safe I'm back with another question about my windscreen....... As a rule of thumb where on the scuttle is the best position for it to be mounted ?......is there an ideal distance to set it from the wiper spindles ? I promise not to answer this question myself this time......
  13. Thanks for the support and info fellas.......I'm still battling with this flippin screen I've just discovered the frame and glass are different shapes but after a bit of tweaking its coming together OK. There should be a section especially for me on this board called self help so I can waffle on answering my own questions!! Rich well back to tweaking the frame.........now where did I put that big hammer ??
  14. I really have spent to much time on my own in the garage........the wrong hole is covered by the pillar that attaches the frame to the car isn't it..........really sorry folks....I'll go and hide in a corner somewhere and wollow in my own stupidity.......does everyone have moments like this ?
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