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  1. Hi Dave, sorry I can,t help you with your question but I would really like to know how much of an improvement the quick rack makes when you test it out. Trev
  2. Thanks for your ideas guys, I am unsure about this, is the standard RH silencer re packable? there doesnt seem to be anyway of getting inside mine. Its a std S7 model
  3. WOW, thanks very much for this help, I thought it was going to be an easy switch. I need to read this 50 times and sit in a dark room for a bit to stop my brain going into meltdown. No seriously though I need to look at my hood a bit to see if Ive got the connections and feeds you mention. Thanks again
  4. Thanks but I cant find anything of use on this drawing, I need specific wiring of the pump
  5. A recent visit to a javelin track day exposed a decibel reading of 107 at 4500 rpm, I need to get this down a bit does anyone know where I can get a bung or something thanks
  6. Hi all, I have a facet silver top fuel pump and filter king to fit to my pinto running twin 40,s. problem is I dont have a wiring diagram, iI have searched the site for previous threads without luck. Please can anyone link me to a diagram or draw me one out. Thanks Trev
  7. Hi Doddy, just interested, is a 2.0 ltre pinto running bike carbs still not as quick as a zetec or are there other reasons for the swap?
  8. Hi, I am running twin 40s not bike carbs but the starvation only occurrs in 4th gear as I reach top revs, if I go up into 5th and ease of the accelerator it will run fine, as soon as I try and accelerate again it will hesitate. it feels as if the float chambers are emtying at prolonged high revs but if you read my previous posts on the webbers, I was having problems with them flooding at low revs. thats why I took it for rolling road tuning. The car is running spot on upto 75mph so if I put bigger bore pipes on, this might bring back my flooding problems do you think?
  9. Thanks Dan, does this set up use a return pipe to the fuel tank ?
  10. Hi all after having my 2.0 pinto tuned by Dave Bogg, 120 bhp at the wheels I have found it now runs out of fuel at top revs in forth gear, (5 speed box) I am convinced that this is due to the std mech pump not being able to deliver enough fuel so I want to fit an electric conversion. Ideally I would like to buy a complete kit, does anyone have any advise on which pump/kit to go for. maybe someone has just what I am looking for gathering dust in the garage!!! Any help apprieciated as usual Trev
  11. Top Cat


    Hi Derek, I am interested if still for sale
  12. Thanks, I am now educated
  13. excuse my ignorance, but what are zimerides?
  14. hi, no i dont have side vents in the bonnet at all. as the carb trumpets are level with the chassis rail there didnt seem much point of opening it up, but now you mention it, it would probably improve my engine performance if I somehow ducted colder air from outside the bonnet straight into the webber carbs!!!! I will try and upload a picture of the carb position. though am not very good at this kinda stuff.. No cant do it, file is too big. can email it if you pm me!
  15. Sounds interesting trackerjack, I would like to see a picture or diagram of what the set up looks like as I cant really visualize what you mean by lower hose take off
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