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  1. I used to steal loose onions from my last job until I got the sack.

  2. My dad got sacked for stealing from his job as a lollipop man. We should have realised, all the signs were there.

    1. megadodo


      I'm rolling my eyes!

    2. kevin the chicken

      kevin the chicken

      I'll get your coat


  3. Hi Phil,I have just installed my Zetec engine in my Zero but am now totally at a loss to the instalation of everything else,ie coolant,clutch fuel etc.Ihave some of your superb photos but being a computer technaphobe I dont know how Ipreviously called them off!Please could you point me in the right direction?john@cjmorris.net.Many thanks.Mozzy Zero

  4. I used Goodridge hoses which I got via Ben at Luego cars...........it was very expensive but looks nice. Photo's are on my blog
  5. Stop poking the pipe and slippers brigade .............
  6. When BGH Geartech built my fast road Type 9 gearbox they advised not to fit a quick shifter and that shortening the the lever was quite adequate. The reason being was that the quickshifter puts more strain onto the selectors.
  7. It won't let me vote but if it would I would class him as - Idiot Hero Irresponsible but highly skilled.
  8. Thank god I am not the only one. Obviously this guy is wrong and at odds with society........but WOW he can ride. However based on the previous comments I was starting to think I would just sell my Zero as soon as it was finished.........I am not ready to join the pipe and slippers brigade yet.
  9. As I said I am not trying to justify this behaviour....... though if I am honest I am impressed at his skill. The bike he uses is a turbo charged Suzuki Hayabusa, ..............in my youth I used to run a GSXR 1340 on Avgas and NOS (ex por stock drag bke on the road and the track) but I used to go out very very early on summer mornings but even that has its risk with alll the animals being about. I would much rather see a much stricter driving test and 5 yearly refreshers. My brother was killed by a bus driver whilst walking to school and he was going very slow.......to the point that he wasn't concentrating. I have driven cars and riden motorcycles in most countries India, Himlayas, South Africa, America, France, Spain, Australia and Cambodia The standard of driving is terrible but most of all it is the ARROGANCE of the britsh motorist that makes them the worst in the world IMO.
  10. I work in the offshore oil and gas industry which is heavily regulated by the HSE guidelines. HSE is one of the area's that frequently gets 'high jacked' by 'jobs worths' who make a career out of loosing sight of reality. Unfortunately you have to carry oout a full assessment on even the daftest safety issue. One oil company had people being given warnings for not holding the handrail on the level section of floor because it had a stair case at either end. They also couldn't put up Christmas decorations because the risk assessment could not be approved!!!!!!! Unfortunately the people with little or no common sense are given the same credibility as the rest of us.
  11. The very excitement that you crave in your kit car is only a fraction of the buzz you get on a bike. Whilst I cannot condone this riding, he has without a doubt an amazing amount of skill. He has been doing this for over 10 years that i know of. The rumour in the biking community is that is a bike racer...... Once all the 'whingers' have banned motorcycles, then the next on the list might well be kit cars. This all smacks of finding someone elses freedom and complaining about it. obviously if he gets caught it will be a jail sentance and no doubt he accepts that risk. I hope non of the "do gooders" break the law, ..........or are your discrepancies acceptable? It disgusts me that people look forward to other road users having an accident.
  12. That sounds interesting...... Phil
  13. We should add a new section "Counselling Required". I fitted a flat screen Television and Central Heating.................as I knew I would be slow. I set a schedule of 10 months but I have alraedy moved it to 12 months...........and realistically it will be 18 months by which time I will have missed the Scottish summer (we only get 1 or 2 days in July) . Ho hum
  14. Sharky, The brackets do seem to be laser cut but having said that they are quite well made (see attached). I will be getting them powder coated. Cheers Phil
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