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  1. I Think some other forums i have been on tend to just won,t to put people down. And forget, even if you have not built your own car we all wont the same thing. pride of ownership and total joy of the driving :D

  2. Hi

    You may have already thought of it but you will probably want to get the rear brake pressure reducer. Its in the engine bay on the inside wing area i think. If you don't have it your back brakes will lock up before the fronts. Its obviously on the brake lines and looks like a small cylinder which tapers at one end.


    Sorry if iam telling you things you already know.






    if your not useing it i could really do with it many thanks jobo

  3. In june this year i gave up bikeing for life, unable to ride them any more, not knowing wat i would do, i lost my club and my way off life that i had had for more than 35 years.But all was not lost i bort my Robin hood and have never looked back, This club forfilled and my car forfilled ever thing i had lost and more, the ever lasting help you get on line is fantastic, and the members i have meet are top people, so merry Christ mas ever body, and Thank You

    JOBO :D :D :D

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