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  1. Hi i have a master cylinder / servo dont know wat their off but they are new, you can have for price of postage. if they can help you, jobo
  2. Wat a top job. wife even likes it,
  3. jobo

    Going To Court

    THANK YOU from all the people like me, with out people coming forward i too would never have got the compensation i deserve,
  4. sorry for being dim. But wat are they and wat do they do. again so for being a dimbo
  5. jobo

    New Research

    My car cant drown out my mrs no matter wat i do LOL
  6. I have 200 on my rear and i still bottom out, but iam a large fellow
  7. sorry bit to far away for me to help, but good luck
  8. Beleave me it works very well, or i would not have said he try it
  9. Hi keith, wat i did was get a cheap grinder, and convert it to take 4inch buffing wheels i also got 3 types of compond, from harsh to soft, and 3 diffrent buffing wheels, you take the guard of the grinder, and you can make anything shine for very little money, hope this helps, grizz,
  10. Best thing to do is get in checked, any main tyre dealer will do this for free if you cant, with no obb to buy a new one from them. on the plus side i had a glowing light on my Mondao and it stayed like that for 2 years.
  11. jobo

    welcome whiz,

  12. jobo

    Over Run

    Many thanks for your Help jobo
  13. jobo

    Over Run

    Hi peps, pls could some one tell me why my 2lt Pinto is over running when i switch it off, And how to stop it many thanks jobo
  14. You are in the right, got taken to small claims court 2 years ago over private sale of car, judge said no case to answer as sold as seen, he took the chance when he had you drop it off in the yard, its Tuff F****** *bleep*, for him
  15. sorry cant make it, been bitten by dog and hand so swollen can;t drive, but have a good one,
  16. jobo

    Sick As A Parrot

    sorry to hear about your bad luck, hope you feel better soon
  17. They were cheapest by far for me too
  18. Will be their, God willing and the River dont rise. ( quote from The Duke J Wayne )
  19. jobo

    Calling Cars

    so thats Brum LOL
  20. jobo

    Hols Scotland

    thanks baj25 willgive it a look,
  21. jobo

    North West Meet

    Thanks so much will see youall their next month jobo
  22. jobo

    North West Meet

    Hi can some one tell me when and were the next North west meet is pls. thanks jobo
  23. jobo

    Calling Cars

    ok you lost me wat is BRUM LOL
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