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  1. Hi Chris, sorry I'm late but no, sold.
  2. Hi don't know how this old chestnut resurfaced like the Titanic and apologies for the confusion.
  3. Believe it or not - Gaz. Had these on the front and Avo on the rear. Was advised by GBS when they repaired my chassis (see earlier posts) the set up was not good as the rears were too high. They sold me a full set of Gaz off a demonstrator and I'm happy with that. Car now better balanced, but to me the front end is no lower or higher...
  4. Have a pair of Gaz shocks for sale, came off front end of a Zero. 13" - 9" 300 marked on springs (presume lbs). Little used, Take £120 ono plus postage.
  5. Hi again, now after a front n/s foglight for a 2002 model if anyone is breaking a donor...
  6. Really looking for the original handbook which goes with the car. Going for silly money on ebay though. But thanks for the thoughts. Something will turn up.
  7. Hi, has anybody out there got a manual for an MX5 2002? Maybe someone with a donor up to or around this period may have a handbook they are willing to part with for usual beer tokens... Just bought one for my father in law's 80th birthday - he finds it a bit of a squeeze getting into our Zero these days... Cheers
  8. Don't forget the Jason King droopy tache, mullet hairdo, paisley pattern shirt, flared trousers and wet look shoes! But these cars pulled the birds
  9. I'll probably start a whole load of debate here, but aren't they the same as a 4x4 Sierra? Or Cossie? Or 2.9i Granada? All have the same massive pistons but I might be wrong....
  10. Hi there, just thought I'd share a bit of build inspiration here. After fitting the rear underbody diffuser on our Zero it struck me that adjusting the dampers suddenly became that bit more difficult - well nigh impossible - without rolling around on the floor underneath the wheelarches. Then, as dinghy sailing is another of my passions I remembered the screw-in hatches you can get for buoyancy chambers etc. So I got a pair off ebay in black, cut out holes in the bodywork, then rivetted them in place. Now I can easily get to the knobs to do quick adjustments and replace the covers in seconds! I found it was easier to drill out the rivets on the ally plate just below the roll bar mount, cut the hole, then rivet the plates back onto the chassis then add the hatches rather than try to cut a hole in situ. http://i1077.photobu...an/IMG_0494.jpg http://i1077.photobu...an/IMG_0495.jpg These guys do various sizes and black/white http://www.ebay.co.u...=item27b8418ed0 Cheers
  11. Hi Jonny, no you need side repeaters. I mounted ours under the wing mirrors. Actually on top, as per Chester Sports Cars Tigercat build, is better. Just so long as the IVA man sees them in the right place for him. Then after you've passed I guess you could mount them in a more sensible spot but don't quote me on that.
  12. Hi, for my two pennorth the IVA man needs to see the seat belt mounting bolt heads so he's satisfied they are the right tensile strength via the stamp on the head. This is a problem at floor level behind the seat. I failed on this and had to take out both of the seats, photo the bolt heads so I could show him on retest, and put the seats back in. I'll pm you my fail sheet, which was extensive.
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