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  1. Sorry Bob, Jane and Iwill not be able to make it, too busy sunning ourselves still. Ross may come, I will remind him.
  2. Haynes Museum Outing now organised for Sat 29th September. Meet Waitrose car park Salisbury 1030am,we will gather near the recycle bins(south corner) Lunch at noon at Sparkford inn. www.sparkfordinnpub.co.uk (see website for menu)Post code BA22 7JH Plan on cruising down the A30 --A303 will be crowded with lemmings heading west. Apple crunchers can meet us at Sparkford,we will be pleased to see you.
  3. In Bob and Sylvia's absence I have been nominated to arrange the July meeting. Tuesday 17 July 2012 7-730pm at The Empress Of Blandings, Copythorne (near Cadnam). Post Code SO40 2PF. Large car park and good food!
  4. Bob - the hardware only versions can be good, however, mine failed and I had to upgrade to wife 2.0. Problem is after a year Ross 1.0 arrived and all hell broke loose. Still Ross 1.0 combined with Wife 2.0 malkes for an interesting and fulfilled life.
  5. As megadodo says it is likely to be the earths. Try taking a spare bit of wire from the neg battery terminal and touch it on the earthy side of one of the non-working lamps when it should be on. If it comes to life - there is your problem.
  6. Russell - Jim M - just worked out how the gearbox should fit! It has to go in the original position and involves chopping a BIG lump off the bell housing to clear the footwell. Apparently, the bell housing is for both the old bendix type startes and the newer solenoid engaged ones. The old ones being much longer. So progress is being made again.

  7. Sharky We did ours a week or two ago and decided hinging the nose was good. We used a pair of hinges fitted to the rear of the cross tube and onto the fibreglass. Note the bottom of the cone is not parallel to the cross tube - it angles up towards the front. This just leave enoungh room to get the fixings in between the fibreglass and the tube. The top end is held in place by a spring each side.
  8. JimMearns

    Southern Hoods

    Planning on being there - about 8.
  9. Charlie I am hoping to get there this time. Also have some 8 way fuseholders going cheap (£2 each) if anyone wants one - will bring them on tuesday. Jim - Zero on wheels but no engine yet!
  10. The connectors look like tyco or molex housings. The pins, sockets and housings are all available (quite cheaply) through www.Farnell.com This will get you to the main website and then you can look at the uk one. Hope this helps.
  11. JimMearns

    Southern Hoods.

    My first meeting! Thank you to all of you who turned up and chatted to Ross and I. It was a really warm welcome.
  12. Just done my pedal box this week. I cut 5mm off each side of accel pedal tube. Did manage to line up the outer hole by a bit of careful rebending of the box to get it squared up. Had to dome the nearside panel to allow bolt head for clutch/brake pedals to fit through. Also bent the flanges to go down side of chassis tube so it looks a lot neater. I intend to put a longer bolt through from the outside of the box with a nyloc inside.
  13. I managed to get the adjustable steering column in by cutting down into the mounting bracket. Had to dent the square tube to allow full adjustment up/down and in/out without column touching anything.
  14. JimMearns

    Wiring Relays

    If 87 is connected to supply when relay is on and 87A is connected when relay is off, then it is a changeover relay and you only need one relay. Connect 87 Ato dip, 87 to main and when the relay is energised you are on high beam. Hope it helps, Jim.
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