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  1. Different engine I know but strange how similar they are in some respects (bore/stroke). My Sprint engine is meant to be set at 11 btdc but it likes 16 btdc and it too runs a Piper 270. I have yet to fit my Kent RL2 in my Hood but expect to play about with it before it comes good. The Sprint has been honed over a number of years and I have only just started with the Pinto.
  2. trackerjack

    Help Please!

    Ballast resist coils are rated at something like 7-9 volts and only get 12 volts at start up. If the car has one of these but a constant 12 volt suppy the coil as stated breaks down. Also check that the ptrol tank is vented because it will pull a vacuum and stop the fuel. Good luck
  3. I have bought but not fitted a Kent RL2 cam to my 2 litre, so if anyone has one fitted, is it good?
  4. A friend of mine built one of the very first Hoods but fitted a Ford crossflow instead of a sprint lump. I was horrified to see that the original mounts were stainless and welded to the side of the bay. Stainless loves to stress crack! I would just lower the engine in and make up your own using good old mild steel. I think modern Hoods are much better engineered than then (1992 ish).
  5. Yep I use a Filter King set at 1.5 psi and have no leaking problems but I certainly did when it was a neat pump with no control on pressure.
  6. What an superb selection of pictures and guidance. The only thing I would do differently is use an angle grinder and a 1mm cutting saw because I am an engineer (toolmaker) and have had my fill of hacksawing and now I am lazy.
  7. You can see what I drive on track days normally and its 170 bhp sure lets itself felt. MyHood has a Pinto and needs a fortune to achieve the same power as a standard sprint by then the Pinto is drinking fuel. The Triumph lump is not as tough as a Pinto though.
  8. trackerjack


    Oh dear sorry to hear this news. I had the same when we used to grasstrack a Pug 205 1.9 GTI the replacement engine never went as well as the old one. I have a 1600 Pinto sat in the garage that works but doubt it has any value, unless you wanted a boat anchor.
  9. I have helped a woman muppet in a 4X4 she would insist on turning the wheel when trying to drive off :roll: I got quite firm with her and told her to keep it straight and rock it back and forward, finally she managed to move :? goodness knows how she would have coped with an ordinary car. Stepping outside this is part of wifes (car dealer) Dianes stock for sale first is the Corsa and second car is a 2.2 Vectra. This is the garden. Our house. Our road. This is what the moronic youth do just to make life more difficult. Just heard on the radio that we can look forward to some more global weather change for the next month, that means that there will be even less insects to bite when the summer comes!
  10. trackerjack

    Newman Cam

    Hi guys does any one know what spec a Newman P5 cam for a Pinto is and what lift? Cheers Jon
  11. http://video.telegraph.co.uk/services/play...ctid=5524339001
  12. A small amount of thread lube and a clear hole plus a small amount under the head. A dry bolt will not torque correctly because there is no control.
  13. trackerjack

    No Oil

    I once had a BMW 323I just three years old and the pick up pipe was undone, lucky I got it in time, even the Germans get it wrong sometimes.
  14. MMMMMM I like a wife that wants me to get dirty! Seriously though its a common problem for married with kids. Enjoy the young ones cos when they are teenagers they change species.
  15. Pinto sumps are sooo thin! compared with a Dolomite one when I chopped my Pinto one I added a 1mm steel skin on it for protection. If you have bought your engine and it was sitting on the ground for a few years, as mine was, you find the sump has rusted almost through.
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