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  1. Its a great show, but kind of makes it look easier than it is, when he's got a crew of guys, and a westfield technician at hand at all times to help with the build! Not stopped me from watching it all though!
  2. Didn't see this till today, I'm still new but will try and get down in there's a meeting next month, will not long since have picked the kit up, but will probably have plenty of questions right from the off.
  3. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/products/Pro...;pcode=CAT72935 this is the sort of aero screen I'm thinking of, seems loads available in carbon, and for westfield/caterham's but most would need messing with to make them fit a Zero. I've already told GBS not to supply me a windscreen so I need to source one somewhere.
  4. Aero screen would normally be plastic, just a little plastic wind deflector rather than a full screen.
  5. Looks like you guys will be hearing lots from me over the coming months. Still the most rewarding things are often the most challenging!
  6. Is the 2B manual any good for doing a zero build? I'm assuming the vast majority of the cars is the same right? I collect my Zero next month and it will be my first kit (gulp) all this talk of no manual has got me a bit worried!
  7. I'm sure there are a number of school of thought, but what I will be doing is using a RAL170 Vinyl Paint as recommended by our Steel Fabricator, only comes in 1 finish unfirtunately, which is Matt Black, but its got enough flex in it not to crack when the chassis flexes over a bump, and its hard wearing enough that it'll take a bit of rubbing to come away, plus when it does mark up water can't get under it like its possible for it to do with powdercoat.
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