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  1. As suggested above, "surcharges" will be incorporated into the total price by all parties - it is after all a business expense. However, Handling fees have not yet been banned to my knowledge?
  2. Back in the gang again.......... not many changes here! MK is long gone, made way for the garage conversion though MX5 still going strong, hasn't been to Scotland yet..... nor Wales for that matter. Hope to catch up with a few faces at Stoneleigh this year, might even dust off the tent and stay the night
  3. Dinnae worry Richard, the roads are not going anywhere! To everyone else, I haven't had a chance to peruse the maps yet but I will put forward some more awesome roads to surprise!! Think I've found one near Glencoe though Ties in with a lunch stop too
  4. I have two boxes for sale, both with bell housings, neither with gear sticks. One is fully working £200 ovno One had third gear burst by a v6 cossie (I believe it's just a 4 cylinder box not a v6 box) £100 ovno
  5. I have an unwanted gift that is brand new in the box.... Spec; 42mm case, 316 stainless steel, sapphire crystal Retina display, ceramic black, Milanese loop with magnetic closure. £500 May be interested in a similar value watch as a part ex
  6. alfaGTA


    I have a brand new vw polo radiator free to a good home (you pay postage) to rhocar members only though! Plenty of aluminium mk1/2 escort radiators about that will cool it adequately..... Mind to future proof your system in case a turbo gets added later
  7. alfaGTA

    Storage Boxes

    Those are tote boxes An eBay search reveals plenty stolen from the wholesalers that supply pharmacies..... Think they are ~£80 brand new!!
  8. alfaGTA

    Cooling System

    Renault clio mk2 or kangoo have a nice expansion bottle with a bulkhead mount
  9. alfaGTA

    Cooling System

    GBS kit will cost £217.98 for the thermostat housing and rail but it only gets water to the front of the engine, you still need £81.71 to connect the radiator to the water rail and the water pump to the radiator. Plenty of options out there for an inline solution http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/aluminium-modular-inline-housing-32mm http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/aluminium-modular-insert-14-npt-female-thread The ford pinto water temp sender I linked earlier is 1/4npt fitting (Rob/CMA used it too) It doesn't have to be complex
  10. alfaGTA

    Cooling System

    The retroford item is £206 and only gets the water from the back of the engine to the front.... You still have to connect it to the radiator and from radiator to water pump. AutoSiliconeHoses are perfectly up to the job. IF you could find a person with a mandrel pipe bender you could create a very neat curve in the aluminium TV mast that would reduce the number of joins and reduce the potential for leaks.
  11. Fast forward to 5:30.... I thought the wildlife was dangerous enough never mind the humans!
  12. My garage is being converted to light industrial storage and distribution for my proposed internet pharmacy business, head space is limited (I want the storage space) so a sectional door is not suitable. DanE i'll be in touch, I forgot yours was roller!
  13. alfaGTA

    Cooling System

    Here is some costing research material...... End caps to block the heater outlets on the standard ford thermostat housing (think its 22mm) http://www.autosiliconehoses.com/silicone-hose-end-caps-2-pack-blanking-plug-bung-4mm-to-32mm.html One 90 degree angle to aim the water from thermostat to the front of the car (think its 35mm to 32mm) http://www.autosiliconehoses.com/silicone-polyester-reinforced-hose-90-degree-elbow-reducer-35mm-to-32mm-15-colours.html One TV aerial mast from B&Q (32mm outer diameter and aluminium) to carry the water from the 90 bend to the radiator http
  14. Does anyone here fit or supply such things? Prefer remote electric, white, 8'x7' and quiet! Currently I have an up and over hormann in good condition but i need something draught and rodent proof (also to keep burglar bill out).
  15. Only need three days hire really, passenger ride to Glasgow airport, whore around for three days then drop back to Edinburgh airport and bag a lift back to Notts.... £762.75 for the three days. Boxster is cheaper at £534. I'm not 100% serious but it does give a viable option especially with the Boxster.
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