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  1. Hi I'm Huddersfield if that hekps you are welcome to borrow the tools, but I'm not back until Friday night.
  2. Hi There are well known problems with the water pumps with plastic impellors which begin to spin on the shaft. I had exactly the same issues on my Octavia with the same engine. Low RPM mid load would get hot. Its not hard to change just fiddly. HTH Chris
  3. Hi I had exactly the same problems as you are saying and tried everything. The cause turned out to be a very slight split on the plastic fuel line under the body which was small enough to let air in and bleed back to the tank, but not enough to let the fuel leak out, the recovery guy who found it said it was a common ish problem? Also on another we had to pour redex down the injector ports and leave over night, this was the only way we could fing to free off the rings, the seals in the injectors are only a couple of quid each anyway. HTH Chris
  4. Lee I'll be there for the Saturday night desert fest (With Christine :-p) but might be late with me working in Coventry now, Andy will probably be there too if thats OK. Ta Chris
  5. Lee I'll be there for the Saturday night desert fest (With Christine :-p) but might be late with me working in Coventry now, Andy will probably be there too if thats OK. Ta Chris
  6. Getting There

    New Toy

    Lee Nice toy mate, hope to see it next month!! You can get your revenge on Andy and scare him a wee bit now... Have Fun Chris
  7. Hi The online mag idea is great, but allow people who need/want a printed copy to have one (then no one looses out on membership 'benifits'), the online viewer was good but hasn't been updated recently. Some of the other ideas seem good too but if the mag is the massive cost then only print what people need. Also remind people of the membership every 5 click is good, this is common on alot of forums and people still have the option to continue but £15 to remove the reminders will be wortg it in many peoples eyes; I did on the Ford forum. Just a few thoughts, thanks, Chris
  8. Lee Andy will be there as well. Ta Stubbs
  9. Hi Contact Emerald he has all of the drawings and pin outs for connecting the S2000 loom to the Emerald and its in a really easy pin by pin layout. I have a copy at home but it is very grubby but I am sure that Dave will send you a copy. Thanks Chris
  10. Lee I will be there! Ta Chris
  11. Hi The last few items that I have left are getting listed on Ebay. The chassis is item: 130789205951 Diff,etc: 130789209334 Other items will follow.... Thanks Chris
  12. Hi Blue black from dizzy can be left un connected, its for a test sequence, I ran mine with it disconnected and it was fine. Thanks Chris
  13. Andy Yes I do, will put photo on photobucket in a little while, make me an offer it is in great condition and came off my 2B so has been used. I do have both keys though. Same as the one for sale on kitspares website at £60. http://i969.photobuc...zpsfa1d0547.jpg Thanks Chris
  14. Hi I also have a pair of harnesses for sale brand new in green £50 posted. Pics are on Photobucket at the link below. Thanks Chris
  15. Hi The seats are black, will get a photo, the marks are on the seat base, have a look at the phot, they are all in one seats but the pics will tell you more. Will post oh Photobucket after 6 when I get home. Thanks Chris
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