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  1. HI , as said above get there early. We have been the last 3 years always get there for 7-30 have a breakfast roll and coffee and go and watch GP2 racing and Porche racing . Plenty of other racing on before the main race . Enjoy the day . Not going myself this year went to Goodwood festival of speed for a change . Cheers Neil.
  2. Hi all , half hood and wind deflectors now sold and posted ; Cheers Neil.
  3. Hi Alan , sent you a message. Wind deflectors are yours . Cheers Neil.
  4. Hi Dino , received message will put you down for hood . Sent you a return message . Cheers Neil.
  5. Hi all, just sold my 2b and I have a few parts to sell. 1 original radiator which came with kit when I brought it £20-00 plus postage 2 Plastic wind deflectors complete with stainless steel hinges £15-00 plus postage 3 car mats black with red piping one has heel mat on it £15-00 plus postage . 4 Half hood with high level window for brake light . Comes complete with storage bag New last year made by Intatrim from Telford to my design , same as on from Soft bits £ 100-00 plus postage . If anyone is interested contact me and I will send photo's by mobile phone . Cheers NEIL.
  6. Hi all . Robin hood 2b now sold ,deposit taken going next weekend . Car staying in Wales new home Calidcot . Have given new ownern details of how join the club , he will being in contact with someone this week . new chaps name is Kevin Brown first ever kit car Of to Goodwood Festival of speed in 2 weeks and while their going to Pilgrim Motorsport . Cheers Neil.
  7. Hi all , my car also has Gaz shocks all round which are fully adjustable for ride height. All gauges are from ETB chrome surrounds and white faces . All switches are aluminium savages with blue led lights . All mounted in a grp dash from great british sports cars. The engine sump has been shortened for ground clearance. There is also detachable luggage rack. Rear boot lid is lockable and in stainless steel. Front wings are flat top sports wings also from GBS. Cheers Neil .
  8. Hi all for got to say my 2b was brought 2008 and IVA past June 2010 . Car is on a 2010 plate . Have photos if anyone is interested. Cheers Neil.
  9. Hi Colin , great to here from you . I am not going to Stoneleigh this year first time in 8 years will be in Scotland for National caravan rally . Looking at building a Pilgrim Cobra . Going to Goodwood end of June and to pilgrim factory ,hopefuuly or kit . They make take my 2b in px as they have a dealer in France looking for them. Speak to you again sometime . Cheers Neil.
  10. H I all I have decided to sell my robin hood 2b to fund my next build. My car details are as follows. Robin Hood 2b 1800 pinto running on bike carbs. aluminium radiator with twin electric fans all pipes are in blue silicone ( samco). Grp panels are in british racing green and stainless steel panels . 5 Good alloy wheels with new tyres. New seats from Intatrim and new carpets and a new half hood all from Intatrim. Full weather hood and plastic side wind deflectors. Engine has done 6000 miles and comes with 6 months Mot. Some parts are in carbon fibre. Steering wheel is a 320mm D shape. Front discs are black diamond drilled with green stuff racing pads rear brakes are standard drums. The PRICE I am looking for is £5, 750 o.n.o. Any body interested can PM me or phone me on 07870 733570. Will send any photos . Cheers Neil.
  11. Hi Dave , had my half hood made for me by Intatrim from Telford at a cost of £120.00 with storage bag. Mine has popprs at the front and 4 straps at the rear for tension . Have no problems at speed hood holds tight. Cheers Neil.
  12. Hi Nick , would have come over but will away in Scotland In my caravan . Will be missing Stoneleigh first time in 6 years. Hope everything goes ok. Their are plenty of local car clubs and local car shows starting from April you need to advertise with them . Cheers Neil.
  13. Hi all got my mag today a great read .
  14. Hi all , the time has come to sell my 2b . So I can move on to a new project. Robin Hood 2b 1800 pinto . Built 2008 IVA 2010. 11 months mot 6,000 miles. British racing green wings and nose cone and stainless steel panels. New GBS front sports wings. GBS fibreglass dash with ETB instruments GBS aluminium steering wheel stalks.. Carbon fibre centre consul with savage switches fitted . Carbon fibre tunnel top and steering wheel cowl. 280mm D shape steering wheel. 2 new rear Kumo tyres Black diamond drilled discs with green stuff racing pads , rears are drums with new shoes . Aluminium radiator with twin electric fans. Full samco blue water hoses.. New Intatrim Odyssey seats in green and black with red piping and red stitching. New Intatrim car mats black with red piping. New Intatrim half hood (surry top) storage bag. Full weather hood . A pair of wind deflectors. Bolt on rear carrier for carrying extra luggage . All rear lights Hella LED type and high level LED brake light. £5950. If any one is interested PM me or ring me on 07870 733570. I will send photos via mobile phone.
  15. Thanks for the details. Cheers Neil.
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