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  1. The ST is far from a disappointing engine and that's talking from experience. I've done both, the ST is far better than the blacktop a much stronger engine for a start. On Throttle bodies I was hitting 194bhp with variable valve timing. Andy
  2. whiz

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Not for sale separately
  3. whiz

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Send me your email address
  4. whiz

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    No It's not the MX5. Just down to really not finding the time as I'm so busy also the other guys are moving on so not the same.
  5. whiz

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Weazel pm me your email address
  6. 2011 GBS Zero. 12,800 miles Due to lack of use I’m unfortunately letting my car go. I’ve owned the car for 6 years. I have extensively modified the car in the time I’ve owned it. This car isn’t for the faint hearted. Folder with every receipt and history from build to present day. Private plate included. Most people know this car. I can email pictures if asked. Due to the Spec of this car I'm looking for as close to £10k Specification:- Engine and drivetrain Supercharged 2 litre St170 engine 277bhp Jenvey throttle bodies Bespoke Red Seven Supercharger kit Bespoke Alunox full stainless steel race system exhaust built at a cost of £1,600 Coolex radiator and Intercooler Uprated sports alternator. Omex 600 ECU ME electronics VVT controller Pipercross filter Type 9 Gearbox Caterham Quaife LSD Differential New Protech Coilovers New R888 semi slick road/track tyres Body Wrapped body Leather seats Caterham harnesses Smiths Gauges Carbon wrapped dash Detachable Momo steering wheel Boot storage area Halo lights Surrey top Half doors Tonneau cover Rain cover Extras Comes with brand new Front and rear wings still boxed Spare nosecone Spare ST170 engine Original exhaust with Cat for MOT if required.
  7. whiz

    At What Speed Does A Baseball Hat Fly Off?

    Its not just about the speed its also about the acceleration. easy sorted though. fit a cable tie around your harness or seat. attached a bungee coil clip to your hat and clip it to the cable tie. https://www.amazon.com/Bungee-Coil-Cord-Stretchy-Specialist/dp/B01H43Z0IW
  8. whiz

    Zero Wanted

    you missed out on Johns one big time
  9. whiz

    Zero On Ebay

    Obecanobe's Zero is on EBay. Really nice car, he is just getting too old for it so it has to go. eBay number 222742351688
  10. whiz

    Tiger Avon Elgin

    Hi Chris There is a couple of guys that are on the members map within 50 miles of Elgin. I'm fortunately I'm 2 hours away. You should give Trevor Harmer a shout on Facebook or North West kit car owners group their is much he doesn't know about tigers
  11. whiz

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

    Ive already got my holidays sorted.
  12. whiz

    Should I Buy?

    Hi Paul, where about in Scotland are you. I'm in Dunfermline, their are a few hoods in the central belt. I'm sure that someone will be able to give you advice on the one that your considering locally Andy
  13. whiz

    Zero For Sale

    Stop slagging the car and the man, guys. John bought the car already built and IVA'D. He is not completely computer literate, so I moved it for him. The rear arches are one of build they're wider than normal with bespoke wider alloy's. Andy
  14. whiz

    Car Transporter Recommendations

    Done that with my 1st S7 lol
  15. whiz

    Car Transporter Recommendations

    Hi Jamie Welcome to our beautiful country. There is places in Fife that you can hire a trailer from. Ive been down to Derby and back a few times this year with mine on the back of a trailer. You could do it there and back in one day, I always stopped over. What you will have to way up is the cost of the hire, fuel and possibly overnight stay also your time compared to getting someone bringing it up the road for you. I'm just 40mins from you in Dunfermline Andy