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  1. Just moved to a sim only deal at Tesco, as I have my sons phone on my bill I get a extra 150mins of talk time. 900 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1gig of Internet for £10, think Virgin. Could be a tad cheaper. Try the U. Switch Web site for phone and Sim only deals quite a lot of choice.
  2. Location is Peterlee, Co Durham. You will need to provide a spark, best route being a megajolt . If you fit bike carbs you will get between 170 & 179 bhp for a lot less hassle and exspense of say £ 2500 of a decent fuel injection set up. Basically best Bang for your Buck!
  3. Hi Danny I have a 2litre black top shortened sump , came out of a 7 supposed to be 66,000 with GBS bike carb manifold with matching 40mm bike carbs sitting in the garage. Problem is we are the North East.
  4. Brilliant news, will you be bringing it to the Church Mouse for the next meeting?
  5. A friend of mines wife had to change details of her licence after they got married and sent a cheque to the DVLA. This was the only cheque she used within a year, and within 3 weeks her Bank had a request for new cheque book and a change of address. Obviously this was a attempt at fraud and the only coincidence was the DVLA, so I hope you don't have a similar incident!
  6. The "Seven Lot" meet the last Wednesday of the month at the Church Mouse at Chester le Street.
  7. marsbar


    A mate had a small crash on his motor bike and called his break down service, if they did not turn up within the hour it would be free next year. They turned up within the hour to Seahouses in Northumberland, no mean feat, all for £50.00 per year. For this he gets Hotel cover, a replacement vehicle including a bike. Full European cover, and its done through Motor Cycle Action Group via Equity Red Star. For a further £45 you can add another vehicle. I wonder if they would do a deal for Hoodies?
  8. marsbar

    Nail Gun?

    I think he means a Paslode, they are gas powered, I have the compressor driven type. You do not have a location, where you at?
  9. Hi Simon , just briefly looking at the car I see its fitted with the original shocks from the Kit, most people change these as they tend to fail after a short period of time. If you are condidering buying it I would try to get the price down at least by the cost of New Shocks. Good luck
  10. Hi Droid have you noticed the front suspension is more complient, instead of bouncing along, it now rides softer. My suspension was designed by a Hoodie who did a Batch run for members, I thing it was "Old Timbo" would interesting to compare the 2 on the road.
  11. Hi Droid was it you I was talking too at Newark late Saturday night about modified 2B front suspension? It was one of the Scotish lads, anyway I have modified suspension and out of all the things I have changed on the car, it's the one I am most pleased with. The car handles now, Sports Bikes cannot keep up with it on the twisty stuff. Best money you can spend!
  12. Yokohama Parada Spec 2 now fitted. They are not as tall as the last ones will have to watch front end over bumps.
  13. Does anyone have a Yokohama A539 205 x 50 R15 that they want to part with? It was the standard tyre that came with the 2B, I have scrubed off my 2 front tyres and I am strugling to get 205 at short notice so I can drive my car to Newark. Obviously it would have to be in the North East. As a compromise I can get a pair of Yokohama Parada Spec 2 but only in 195x 50 x 15, would these be OK on the front?
  14. Word on the street is that your doing Sailing Exams, are you coming in the boat?
  15. I bought a polishing kit from Toolstation, consist of 3 round polishing wheels and red and green polish. Have had a go on the wheel arch and it is posible to get a good finish, but on a small area. To do a large area you would need a lot of patients. Did a better job on my alloy wheel though. There was some one advertised on Gumtree in the North East as being to Polish anything he had examples of what he could do and he was good.
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