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    Like tinkering with most mechanical things. Restored a few cars over the years. Now thinking of building something that wont need panels fabricated and loads...and loads...of welding! Also enjoy the great outdoors and socialising with friends.....my ambition in life is to meet a rich widow with huge assets that i can get my hands on...oh and she must have a bit of money as-well for all my future projects...!!

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    Hopefully A Zero
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  1. beaker

    Sierra Dohc

    Thanks Paul Nice looking motor you have there....can I be nosey and ask roughly how much it took you to get it IVA'd and on the road. Its ok my fiancée cant see this site or PM me direct with your reply As still punching figures around in my head. Cheers Craig
  2. beaker

    Sierra Dohc

    Thanks one and all for your replies......but due to circumstances beyond my control....(her indoors controls me ) may have to pass on this motor.....it was either buy and recondition this motors main units.... or take her indoors and kids on holiday....and....i lost! So the chap who has it may be listing it soon on ebay.....will post link once I know for sure.....looks like my build is going to be put back yet again.......should have listened to me dad.....stayed single
  3. beaker

    Sierra Dohc

    Hi Folks Im after a bit of advice. I have been offered a 1990 Sierra with a 2.0 DOHC lump in it - low mileage and fsh. Is this a good donor for a Zero as I was hoping to use a pinto lump due to the size of engine bay in the Zero. Will this unit slot in with out to much trouble as dont fancy an extra widening of the chassis etc. Any advice form you folks would be appreciated. If anyone is interested the above vehicle is now for sale ..please mention this link if enquiring as the owner would like it to go to good use. My link
  4. beaker

    Aviation Fasteners

    Cheers Nick Bidding away on the right set now. Thanks Craig
  5. beaker

    Aviation Fasteners

    Ok guys sorry to hijack this post, but trying to get some Skin pins and seen all your posts, but what sort of size would be required to use on a Zero. As on this site they list what i assume are different lengths/depths. Any advice appreciated. http://www.skinpins.com/fastmotemp.html
  6. beaker

    Pinto Or Not To Pinto - That Is The Question!

    Thanks for all the replies. I totally agree with the last few comments as I too grew up with Pinto's, x-flows and Essex engines. So I feel, I guess more confidant, using what I know to produce a decent kit. Its not going to be a road rocket just a leisure device to get away from 'er in doors!! I to grew up tinkering with X-flows Pintos and Essex lumps as a spotty teenager. So I guess it may be better to stick to what i know i can maintain and rebuild myself. I mean if I really get the bug for it I can always build another......
  7. Hi Folks Right, im considering building my first kit which is probably going to be the ZERO. Im hoping to build one with a Pinto lump as from my younger days I remember that you could tune them quite well. Even on a tight budget which I will be. What I want to know is in time if i wanted to swap to a ZETEC or Duratec will it be possible or is the exhaust etc all going to be on the wrong sides etc. Also whats the difference in Pinto blocks as I keep seeing mentioned 205 Pinto blocks? Any pointers appreciated Craig
  8. beaker

    Zero - Engine

    Hi Guys and Gals Can anyone give me some pointers. Has anyone ever fitted a Honda engine/gearbox to a Zero - I heard somewhere someone's used an S2000 engine?. As im thinking of building one, and can get hold of Honda components easier than I can Ford ones. Any links or advice appreciated as just checking what can/can't be done easily before I take the plunge. Cheers
  9. beaker

    Donor Parts

    cheers for the replies....i understand now.....oh and im starting up a kit car building charity, its in aid of sending me girlfriend away for a week....(just hope shes not a good computer hacker - if she is - darling its only a joke honest..love you lots ) ....all donations welcome.....!
  10. beaker

    Donor Parts

    Hi...im thinking of building a Superspec, but my financial controler - also known as my girlfriend.......will not allow the drive way to turn into a breakers yard. So want id like to know is if i buy major units ie gearbox/engine from say a salavge yard, how do i stand with the SVA test. As dont they require details of the vehicles that donated parts to the kit....like chassis and reg numbers from a donor?