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  1. Is there an illustrated list of the various Robin Hood kits cars that were available through the years, with the various designs & suspension set-ups etc... as I get confussed by all of the different models and would like to become an overnight expert with a simple illutsrated list.... thanks
  2. Well I tried out the stuff from the Polishing Shop and had reasonable success. I ended up using the softer G Quality Mop with the Pink compound as this gave the best results, this was less harsh and gives a better shine. I concentrated on one rear wheel arch which was very dull (I have stainless rear wheel acrhes). It did get rid of the dullness and the wheel arch is now much more presentable and shinny. The only thing I would say is the finish it is a bit blotchy, having said that the wheel arch does look much better. I'm not sure if I would want to do this to a large area. I foun
  3. I have purchased a load of stuff from the Polishing Shop. I will let you know how successful I am..... I think I might try a bit under the bonnet to start with based on what some of you chaps are saying. Kevin
  4. The Polishing Shop recommended by Terry above certainly has all of the answers for polishing dull stainless steel panels - http://www.thepolishingshop.co.uk Ebay also sells quite a few Polishing Compounds and mobs. I just spoke to The Polishing Shop (Andrew) and this is what I have learnt - 1 - Use a 4 inch grinder with a 6 inch mob (a drill is too slow and will be hard work). You will need an M14 adaptor from the Polishing Shop. 2 - Use an open stitch mob with green compound for the main clean and a softer G quality loose mob and pink or white compound for the final finish. 3 - S
  5. This YouTube video give a few pointer on polishing stainless. Don't be put of by the daft music at the start of the video.
  6. What is the method for polishing scratches from stainless steel body panels? Thanks Kevin
  7. It may be better to get a replacement set. I have a set with dampers for say £30 + postage. Best Wishes Kevin
  8. Hello I have a sliding pillar setup and wanted to get it converted to the newer wishbone design. Who does sliding conversions? I know Robin Hood do a good conversion. Is there anybody else doing the same, or is it best to stick with Robin Hood? I live in the South West so the Robin Hood factory is quite a long drive. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies from Ian and Dave, very informative. Kevin
  10. Hello Friends, RE - SLIDING PILLAR FRONT SUSPENSION BUSHES Does anybody know where I can purchase the main phospher bronze type bushes in my sliding pillar front suspension and also the roller bearing bush that goes on the top of the suspension unit. Many Thanks Kevin
  11. Thanks for all of these very informative replies. Brillaint information. Kevin
  12. Hello Friends, I have standard Sierra disk breaks with no servo on the front of my Roho kit car. Basically the breaks are rubbish at stopping the car with the back drum breaks skiding firstly. As I see it I can upgarde the pads only (what are the best pads), replace the calipers and pads with maybe the 4 pot type (what is the best resonably prices calipers and what suppliers?), or maybe fit a servo (probably more difficult and not much room under the bonnet as V8 engine). Which is the most sensible way forward that won't cost me a fortune. I don't want to race the car, but I do wan
  13. Hello Friends, Does anybody have a sliding pillar spring compressor that they want to sell? This will save me lot of time in buying the bits and trying to make one out of angle iron which seems to be the prefered option. There must be a few of you that have up-graded their suspension and have these now unused tools hanging about. Many Thanks Kevin (Bristol)
  14. Brillaint ... I knew there would be an easy answer. Thanks Friends
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