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    Sunny Port Talbot South Wales (birthplace of Richard Burton Sir Anthony Hopkins & Hometown of Michael Sheen
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    Sci -Fi Reading fantasy novels (Pratchett mainly) Interested in aviation,Worked at one time for Bristow helicopters & the now long defunct DAN-AIR
  1. Hi everyone bought an unstarted 2 B sierra based kit stainless chassis last year bought a Sierra 1.8Td donor had my garage enlarged to start build early 2011 just joined I live in port Talbot S Wales fairly new to kit building need help of allsorts from advice to actual physical help if there are any members able to assist. Ta John Davies
  2. 933jde

    Diesel Engine Option

    Hi so I understand I spoke to they're technical guy I was wondering if the sierra 1.8Td or mondeo one fits without any mods to the chassis i.e. if the mounting brackets from the donor are used & if it was relatively straighforward fit also if the slightly later mondeo version had more horsepower. Tempted as I am a bit of a fan of diesel & if using only a 6 gallon fuel tank with diesel economy it would mean less refills. Ta for the replies fellas John
  3. HiAnyone fitted a Ford diesel i.e 1.8Td from a sierra or Mondeo I have been told that they can be fitted to the type 9 Gearbox I was wondering how difficult this is & what sort of performance does it have. I have a 2B I prefer diesel & finding it a bit difficult to obtain a good SOHC 2 litre Inection Pinto .If anyone has fitted a diesel Ford I would like to know of any pitfalls before buying a diesel donor. JD
  4. Hi I wouldn't mind a pic & likewise if its not suitable for Dan Count me in as number 2 on the list of interested parties. John 07985524899
  5. 933jde

    2b Build Manual?

    Yanto I live in Port Talbot If I remember correctly You are In Bridgend I have recently copied my VHS tapes of the build manual to 4 DVD's You are welcome to copies in either format Bell me on 07985524899 Regards John
  6. Does the membership help with insurance discount? Nice wymerana (not sure of the spelling whats it's name is it a dog or bitch ? My boss has a bitch & thinking of trying for a litter). Regards John
  7. TIDY! Ta Helpful for a newbie. Regards John
  8. Hi Les I live in sunny Port Talbot!
  9. HI I have just purchased a 2B unstarted project ( 6 Years old ) Looking for weather gear exhaust /manifold & any help or advice at all previously rebuilt a Merlin kit (but looking at the body panels & build video I feel I have got a bit more to chew on this time,any members out there in S Wales that are helpful I would appreciate any help advice or bits. Regards John
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