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  1. Thanks for bring this up tony, i'll be have a good look at mine 2mor. Hope it was more to do with the wildlife you hit than a problem with the chassis.
  2. How much do you think zero's are worth then??
  3. Again the person who can answer all is quiet! Like most on here i thought i had a virus on my computer but it only happens on this site, yes im not a pay up member this year as we already discussed in earlier posts. But i get this pop up when i am signed in and so do many others by the looks of things so i guess its another benefit of being a member-getting pop up viruses!!!!
  4. Your not the only 1 that gets this i do to! So it cant be your computer surely it the host computer thats has the problem??? Im not the best on computer but its only when i open up the rhocar site that this happens.
  5. i like it femi. Can i ask where did you hire the wagon? How much did it cost you if you done mind me asking,looking to pick up a track car. Cheers Jamie
  6. Cant we put a link into this thread or on the forum as to what they are?
  7. Why??? Because people are asking questions? do you think you are repeating yourself because as far as i can see tony has asked some good questions that havent been answered and you cant knock him down for that he has every right to ask.
  8. To be honest i have been thinking the same about where the money is going or being spent. And why doesnt the one person who owns the web site speak up and confirm or deny such things? How about all the clubs finances put up so we can all see what spent on what? Surely if there are 500 members supporting the club with their money then they have the right to see where its spent-isnt that reasonable????????
  9. oddsocks


    Glad someone tool note of my suggestion! Whats the fascination with the club supply food at show for free??????
  10. oddsocks


    I like this idea, but do it so includes all the activites the everyone has mention-camping weekend which includes a track day. We could also have a bbq with the hog roast if people still want that. It does need to be expensive but if its advertised on the forum or kit car mags it could be open to all who own a kit car. Bit like a jap fest or rally day or ford day they do at castle combe.
  11. I agree robin hood isnt seen in a great light by most who know nothing about kit cars-depends on who built it, seen badly built westfields etc. But i do think that it as works both ways. Do the club support Gbs? Do Gbs support the club?? I can only think of a 2-3 times when i've seen richard on here since i been on here. I know simon is on here often giving great help to those needing it.
  12. £80 for all day!!!! Probably one of the cheapest track days in the country?? And if your not sure about the track well 5th gear use it also cck do track days there but its more expensive-£95 but you get lunch with that. Theres a cafe on site. I dont think it would cost that much per head, not sure how much it would be to camp but the track day is £80 and it we wanted to do go karts as well its £35 for a grand prix which is about 2-2.5 hrs which is great fun on twin engine karts that do 60-70 mph!! Might be able to do something on the price if we get a set amount to go. I didnt relise you organized 3 track days-might have been up for that but for us southerns its a long day to drive up there then drive on the track then drive home thats why i was thinking more on the lines of camping and making a weekend of it. So you get the best of both worlds-met and greet with a few jars then on to the track.
  13. This is good fedback everyone is having their say on what they want from the club. What do people think of my suggestion of making like a club meet where everybodies needs are catered for. Camping weekend then a track day and then professional go karts to find out who really is The Stig?? All in the same area! http://www.llandowcaravanpark.com/ http://www.llandowkartclub.co.uk/ Llandow circuit think the web site is down so cant link it. Not only that but it would further peoples interest in our cars as theres not alot of them around here but im always getting stopped and people talking to me about it what is,where did you get it from etc etc. I have told this to GBS as well to promote them as alot of poeple down here love their cars and we got some great roads but no ones knows about GBS/Robinhood cars. Think promoting the cars and the club will only grow peoples interest in the cars whether the buy a kit or look for a ready built thus more to the forum. Whats that sayin- "build it and they will come"
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