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  1. irishbob

    Le Mans Book

    Its a fair cop yes it is me in the picture with the old XXI 1265 , the chap said it was for the magazine for audi , they were winning all the races , and they were ammused to find some fans in kit cars. I forgot all about it , I think it was 2002 irishbob
  2. irishbob

    Series 1

    i have a serries 1 the only problem is the width of seats available , its 3 inches less than the 3 or 3a One good point is they used the lower front box section of the sierra so they are more robust for fitting larger engines. i fit in mine but it can be a squeeze
  3. irishbob

    Insurance Issues

    hi mitch have they declared the diabetes to the ins co not every company asks? if they dont ask you could be insured until you try to claim i insist that its on the back of my ins cert
  4. irishbob

    Insurance Issues

    i tried to get a quote from roadsure but they werent interested when i declared my diabetes which is controled with tablets. my ordinary insurance is with CHURCHILLS its £192.15 fully comp. i have 9 years no claims bonus with kit car,but there you are.
  5. irishbob


    i am never lost ,i know exactaly where i am its just i am not with everyone else. however who's to say ,they could be lost and i am in the right place .
  6. irishbob

    Bleve Warning

  7. irishbob


    i had taken my car of the road for the first time in eight years ,they sent me the refund and said it was sorn for a year. that was from oct 2000 i just ignored it and they sent me a fine for £40 . i wrote and told them i had declared sorn when i got refund but didnt mention the fact that they had put 2000 on form instead of 2004. havent had any reply ,hope they take me to court and then i can show the receipt. i dont think they would allow you to sorn something from 4 years ago.
  8. irishbob

    Misrable Old Bas£$£$

    does the above come with an x certificate and a health warning for those with a week heart. no child should be exposed to such a horrible sight.
  9. irishbob

    Rear Suspension Change

    I have a series 1 Robin Hood on which I have fitted new shockers ( not coilovers) although the shockers have the necessary parts to convert to coilovers ,if springs are purchased. I have not altered the springs supplied with the kit, but the change of shocks has given me a better ride. The shocks are those supplied to westfields, according to demon tweeks. They are Spacks which I have also fitted to the front since building the car.
  10. irishbob

    Latest Member

    anyone who knows me will realise that i believe in womans rights . the right to look after their husbands to the best of their ability,and not interfer with the few pleasures left to them . the club has only improved since so many partners have started to come to outings ,they are a good influence so lets welcome all the ladies
  11. irishbob

    Ferry Prices

    i thought i had got a good deal on channel tunnel for £98 i feel a bit upset but i suppose i wont be seasick
  12. irishbob

    Battery Conditioners

    you dont need any,get your ass in the seat and drive it . my original battery is 8 and a half years old done about 60k havent said that it will probally conk out anytime
  13. irishbob


    well I would like to thank all the people who once again gave of their time to make it a pleasant weekend. The club is run now as an inclusive gathering and during the weekend many people were praising the club officials, if you feel as I do that they do a great job, why not just tell them. I ran out of petrol before leaving the site and had difficulty starting it, but once I used the irish method of pouring some down the carb, it was soon up and going. Then on the M6 just before Colin left me, I heard a bit of a rattle, thinking "OH, it's not my bonnet again! its tied down!!" I slowly made it to the next service area, only to discover the bracket on my exhaust had snapped off, a quick Hoodie repair by tying it up with a toggy strap (the same ones I used to hold the tent up on the NE weekend) and I was on my way again.
  14. irishbob

    Umbrella Material Supplier

    thanks guys for your replies i should be fine sourcing my requirements its also handy for tent repairs and alterations
  15. irishbob

    Umbrella Material Supplier

    i wish to make a light surrey type cover , like the ones that appeared in the north east and need the name of supplier please . was unable to get into wanted although a fully paid up member