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  1. Thanks for the feed back ,tried both 20 and 22 psi yesterday in the glorious sunshine I've got yokohama tyres 205/50R/15 and 22psi seemed best , the suns still shining so will experiment a bit more today.
  2. Hi Anyone out there know the correct tyre pressure for a Robin Hood Lightweight
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me where i can get a replacement fuel pump for a 1990 1.6 pinto .
  4. I'm having trouble sourcing a new cam cover gasket for a 1990 1.6 pinto SOHC . tried Burton power but there gasket is wide a one end narrow at the other. Mine is rectangular and narrow same size both ends about 8 inches wide. Any idea's where i can source one .
  5. Thanks for the feedback ,jury still out on diagnosis .
  6. Sounds expensive , I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to major mechanics ,what are the options ?
  7. My hoody has a 1.6 pinto engine and i,ve just checked the spark plugs as the engine was only running on 3 cylinders , the plug nearset the timing belt was covered in oil when I removed it .. This dosen't look good I thought . the other plugs had heavy carbon deposits, engine running to rich. What's your diagnosis of the oil on the spark plugs ?
  8. I,ve checked with Fast Road Cars , if I go for the Weber 32/36 I will need to change the manifold , too much hassle. Took the plunge and went for 32/34 DMTL fits straight on to the old manifold ( so they say) whatch this space . Thanks for the help ,
  9. Hi Need to replace the 28/30 Weber carb on my 1.6 pinto , whats the best carb to choose . I don't want to change manifold. Any suggestions thanks
  10. Hi Just been to get the carb tuned only to be told I need a new carb due to excessive air leakage. Which is resulting in the engine drinking fuel big time. My 1600 pinto is fitted with a Weber 28/30 DFTH and apparently is leaking air at the throttle rod as it enters the carb and no amount of tinkering will solve the problem . Best long term solution is new carb . Firstly , is this a common problem with carbs and are there any other solutions. Secondly , if I replace the carb I was going to fit Weber 32/34 DMTL FOR PINTO , I believe with this size of carb I don't have to
  11. Hi robin Yep carb definately needs setup checked, problem with just mesh cover under the bonnet the carb is getting mainly warm air in engine bay.
  12. Hi Only have 45mm from carb to underside of bonnet. No room for remote filter at nose as radiator takes up space in nose cone.
  13. Cheers Doddy Just what I'm looking for .
  14. Hi Just cut opening in bonnet for air filter to fit through , any ideas what I can use to trim around sharp edges of opening.
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