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  1. Dear members, I am currently looking for a competent, experienced and reliable individual to build a Zero in the near future. If you, or you know anyone who may be interested, please forward an email in privacy to: mail@zrsportscars.com Alternatively, you may wish to leave a name and landline number which I can call you on. Regards, Adam Ramoth.
  2. adamramoth

    Type 9 Or Mt75

    Type 9 for definate, its been around so long that its had the time to evolve. Also, they will adapt to any engine as there are loads of adaptor housings. I have a 9 on a Zetec. just check out the possibilities at: http://www.raceline.co.uk/products/index.asp?categoryID=3 regards, Adam
  3. Just wondered, ive been trying to load up some nice photos ive taken of my newly painted Zero but the files are too big or something. Can anyone help? Ive no idea how to 'crop' either, thanks.
  4. Im certainly on their case when it comes to quality builds and looking at what they've produced for my demonstrator, they've done a pretty good job. Hope it was all worth it in the end!
  5. I did have a long chat with Ian about prices being a little low for the French market, but I didnt expect them to go so high. One key factor in the great sales record GBS and more so RH have, is that you cant find a better for less really. We'll see how it affects the sales in the UK in the future.
  6. A great part of the world I must say and perfect for those open top thrills. I just did the journey down in mine and ill say this, put lots of suncream on your face - I was all toasted with 2 huge white rings around my eyes where my goggles were. It didnt rain though, that was a plus. Hopefully by the time you come down there may be a tiny gathering of hoodies albeit speaking in the local tongue, but we'll get by. Keep in touch Paul
  7. I recently dyno'd the Zetec with the Jenvey's on and 165bhp was achieved on the flywheel. I now have the map for setting up your identical Zetecs, we originally used an old map at GBS to start with, but I found the car guzzling fuel - 24 litres got me from Stafford to Leeds! The engine was running super rich, but ive had this adjusted up to 4500rpm after which it runs rich again, but this seems to suits the top revs. If anyone needs a map to start with, GBS have a copy and should be free. Failing that I will at some point take a copy from my ECU and will be available to anyone for nowt!
  8. Hi Paul, I know Sete very well. I live near Narbonne and commute to Montpellier regularly - do you have a hoodie down here? Adam
  9. The idea of 'airing my views' is to create awareness between the members, to recieve feedback and opinions, of which I wont get from GBS.
  10. You get what I got, a turnkey car on a new plate, just the gearbox is donor. Originally, the zero fully built was for £9900 (unbeatable value), as quoted in a write up in complete kitcar. There has been a dramatic increase in the price. For me to sell the cars, with all my over heads here, I simply couldnt make a profit. Remember that Robin Hood have always been the most competitively priced seven, but it seems they are entering into direct competition with the likes of Tiger.
  11. yeh mine was probably one of them, subsequently they have already started making changes to parts and such as they have already built and shipped several Zero's out. I am using mine as a demonstrator in France and giving them feed back on what does and doesnt work well, etc. I do have about 1/2cm play in the steering which im a bit dismayed over, but gives me something to get my tool kit on...
  12. 11995 gets you an avon with a Zetec, fully built. The top spec zero kit comes with everything (and Zetec), including weather gear at £9995.
  13. I have the same problem for which gbs do an adjustable column. Ive seen it, so it does exist, give them a call
  14. Ive just recieved news of new prices for the Zero, for the pinto donor based kit fully built is now a whopping - £12500, the full zetec kit is £9995 + vat and a fully built zetec zero is £15000! I have the emails to confirm this, yet the website quotes considerably less as does all the literature around. Regards, Adam
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