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    MX5 chassis

    NTDWM but saw it on Ebay, may be of interest here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-Mazda-Mx5-Full-Rolling-Chassis-1-8-Engine-Gearbox-Kit-Car-Project-Hot-Rod/132865405906?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D55584%26meid%3Df85f01112c1b4016a159cc8e61bfd9b6%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D132863704482%26itm%3D132865405906&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219
  2. Thanks mate, that makes sense (pardon the pun), signal and ground, surprised the cable isn't shielded though, will look at connectors next.
  3. Hi, I've got a ford van with a variable reluctance (VR) speed sensor on the diff, it "sees" the crownwheel teeth and sends a signal to the engine/gearbox management, which also drives the speedo, occasionally the speedo looses it's signal for a couple of seconds and the gearbox changes to neutral due to no speed signal from the sensor, I've changed the sensor, common fault it seems, but no change, the Haynes manual shows a grey wire from the management to the sensor and another wire coming back, I have a red wire to the sensor, with the ignition on I'm getting 1.45V DC, cannot find if I should be getting 12v here, afraid that if I put 12v where it shouldn't be I may trash the management, all the info I can find for VR sensors in general shows an input of 12v, does anyone know if I should have 12v here? Next step is an autoelectrician who is insured if they trash the management system. Thanks in advance Chris
  4. Also it's tax exempt lol, says lhd but pics show it as rhd, buyer beware.
  5. I've lost the plot here, apart from the big ends rattling the 2.1 sounds a good, responsive engine, what was wrong with a replacement crank or getting yours ground? £100 plus shells and gaskets, if you have a spare 2 ltr crank I'd be tempted to work on the 2.1. Chris
  6. Hi, had a complete engine so I'll see if I've still got the bracket, found it, if you PM me your address I'll post it, yours for the cost of the postage, Chris
  7. As 2b cruising, I have the mt75 'box and 3.62 lsd, first is a waste of time, almost always pull away in second, so I'm only using 4 speeds, looked into the 6 speed Mazda 'box and it was pointed out to me that I would leave out first and another on the way up due to the ratios and getting fed up changing gear, not sure which engine you have but with a very torquey 2.3 16v I really don't need more gears, the Caterham 6 speed (the ones I've seen on Ebay anyway), have sixth as 1:1, now there's a workout for your left foot, lol.
  8. did a virus scan, deleted all those, cleared internet history, cookies etc, had problems signing out of Ebay, now seems all fixed and a full member again, roll on Summer, Chris
  9. Just tried again, all I get is "you must be logged in at the forums to view this page", I am logged in as it shows my username in blue, and at the top right it gives me the option to sign out. Chris
  10. Hi all, I tried a week or so ago to renew my membership, also again this morning, logged in and clicked on the link, whatever I try to do it says I have to be logged in at the forums to continue, when I check, I am logged in, any ideas? Chris
  11. I like the harnesses, is it my eyesight or are they really tied to the rollbar? Chris
  12. FU 2 was taken many years ago, as was BS 1, (Billy Smart), was up for sale for £150,000 a long time ago, cheaper to clone it but it would stand out, obviously, be a laugh to use it for a day or so though.
  13. Hi all, been offered an MT75 from a 2.3 Scorpio, it uses hydraulic clutch which would cure the VERY heavy pedal I have at the moment, yes I've lubed the cable often, it doesn't have the slave cylinder so not sure if it's internal or bolted on the outside, has anyone done this? Does it clear the body? Any help appreciated. Thanks Chris
  14. I haven't had a license for 13 years, I refuse to pay to watch the drivel, TV licensing have been round once and I've been at this address 7 years, I bought a 42" TV a few years ago as my son was coming to stay and had nothing to play his X Box on, I don't watch live TV, just DVD's and downloaded films, (TV connected as second monitor to Laptop), haven't had a letter for a while, but yes, they can be strongly worded especially as I've never watched live TV at this address therefore I don't need a license. Chris
  15. I put a 2ltr pot in the boot due to the reasons above, ie, "2 litres of fuel Sat in a hot engine bay and more liable to damage in a front end bump". 2ltr was a tenner more than 1ltr, some cheap ones on Ebay, mine looks homemade but has been ok for a year so far. Chris
  16. If you're going to go through the hassle of fitting a completely different engine, ie 2 ltr dohc with exhaust and inlet on the other side from a Pinto, I'd suggest the 2.3 Galaxy engine, lots on Ebay cheap, best to get a 2 ltr dohc for the sump conversion on the Galaxy engine, if you have a crossmember the original might not clear it. Chris
  17. Wish I'd known earlier, I'm originally from that area and the last Pentillie Festival Of Speed was great catching up with friends, Pentillie said that was going to be a one off though so I've booked to go to the Silverstone Classic that weekend.
  18. Unable to find anything to alter the ratios in my MT75, changing from 3.92 open diff to 3.62 LSD made a huge difference, especially on tight corners and coming off roundabouts, Cosworth 'box is a lot of money and work to fit so it looks like I'm stuck with a pants first gear, usually pull away in second but can't use a lot of throttle as the clutch doesn't like it, engine around 200 bhp. Chris
  19. chrispine

    Engine Ecus

    If you're at Castle Coombe in a couple of weeks you can have a look at how I did mine, I was worried about frying the ECU as well but people who've used Emerald all said it's straightforward enough to get it right. Chris
  20. chrispine

    Engine Ecus

    Flying loom is the connector for the Emerald with a lot of wires already in, mine came with a lot of wires to fit myself depending how much you're running from it, revcounter, fans etc, all wires colour coded to the instructions, the sensor and output ends depend on sensor connectors and the wires are very long so you cut them to length, read the instructions carefully and set aside a few hours to work on it and I found it easy once I got started, before I bought mine I downloaded and printed the manuals from the Emerald website, all my connectors are soldered, the Emerald comes with plenty of connectors for the ECU end, only earth the crank sensor shielding at the ECU end, not to the engine as well. Chris
  21. Battery voltage drops when cranking, 12v coil is actually 9v so gets battery voltage when cranking then 9v through a ballast resistor when engine is running, I've known people take the resistor out with no problems, see, I remembered something from my apprenticeship, now, where did I put my keys. Chris
  22. chrispine


    With maccavvy, I took mine out and put a 2.3 Galaxy engine in, if you're doing the work to change to a different engine with exhaust and inlet on different sides, go for the engine YOU want and you'll only do it once. Galaxy/Scorpio as far as I can tell has the same valves etc as RS 2000 but bigger bore and stroke, a common mod is the RS head on a 2.3 block but you end up with 11.8:1 compression, you can machine the piston crowns, not easy, or just keep the 2.3 head, also use the 8v dohc sump, I used RS cams and flywheel, 44mm Suzuki throttle bodies and Emerald ecu, got to be around 200 bhp, fast cams are available for this engine if you want more power, also engines cheap on Ebay, I paid £100 for mine so cheap horsepower. Chris
  23. Mine worked in reverse when I got the car, on the sender I had switched live, earth and signal, I swapped earth and signal and the gauge is now correct, sender is just a pot, same as tps. Chris
  24. chrispine

    Engine Ecus

    A flying loom for the Emerald is about £80, all colour coded and I found it simple enough, if I wired another I'd do it myself, but for the first time to have all the wires colour coded was a great help, depends on your electrical competence/ability to read the instructions really. Chris
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